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Before You Publish

Pre-Launch Announcement

More and more instructors are using the Pre-Launch Method to build an Early Interest List as far as sixty days before their course launches on Udemy.

What are the benefits of building an Early Interest List?

An Early Interest List allows you to:

  • Do early marketing and build anticipation for your course
  • Find out how many people are interested in purchasing your course
  • Have a customer base already in place when you publish your course

course creation uses teaching techniques

How do you build an Early Interest List?

You’ll need somewhere to capture email addresses so you can notify the people on your Early Interest List once your course is live. Set up a new email list using your current email management service (e.g. AWeber, MailChimp, etc.). If you’re not using an email management service, then you can create a Google Form to capture email addresses.

Make an announcement across your marketing channels, social media channels, and across relevant online forums: “I’m thrilled to announce that my Art of Karaoke course will be launching in March! I’m so excited that aspiring karaoke queens and kings will be able to learn on their own time, at their own pace—wherever they are in the world. If you’d like to be notified when the course launches, enter your email here.” Then, link them to your email capture form.

Continue to spread the word and invite people to join your Early Interest List up until a few days before launching your course. Then, on launch day, send your Early Interest List a coupon code, bonus, or whatever you promised them.

You can read how Jaime Brodie earned over $10,000 her first 30 days on Udemy after building an Early Interest List. It’s a great way to gain early momentum on growing your expert brand and building your business on Udemy!