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Pricing Your Udemy Course

If you’re looking for the announcement of Udemy’s updated Pricing and Promotions Policy, please click here.

Pricing your course is an individual decision that varies with every instructor and every course. Use this article as a guide to help think through your course prices within the marketplace as a whole, as well as within your own brand.

Pricing on Udemy

Prices on Udemy range from $20 – $200, and courses cannot be sold for less than $10. Prices are set on the 5s and 0s and are fully localized into 12 currencies.

Pricing your Course

When thinking through setting your course prices, you’ll want to keep a few variables in mind.

  • Length of course. Courses on Udemy range from 30 minutes to over 40 hours long. If you have a course below 20 hours, you’ll want to make sure you have a compelling reason for pricing at the high end of the range (for example, a compelling reason could be that you are the #1 expert in your field).
  • Topic, level, and niche. Our data has shown that advanced courses, more technical courses, and courses that are focused on specific applicable skills can command higher price points than courses that do not fulfill these criteria. If you have a course not within one of these areas, you may want to consider pricing towards the lower end of the pricing range.
  • Quality of course. If you have a new course with no social proof, or an under-performing course, you should consider pricing at the lower end of the range while investing in increasing the quality of your offerings.

Pricing your brand

When thinking through setting your course prices on Udemy, you should think through both your name recognition as well how your Udemy courses relate to any other content you offer.

  • Name recognition. Are you a well-known household name? If you are, you could consider pricing your courses toward the higher end of the range.
  • Context. Think through how much you charge for other content outside Udemy. Do you sell books that cover similar material? How much are they? How different are your courses? Your Udemy courses should be priced in a way that is intuitive with the price points of the other content you offer.

To price your course, please access your bulk price edit screen. Note that these new course prices will go live on August 22. If you have any questions, please email our team at instructorsupport@udemy.com. We’re standing by to help!