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Promo Tip: How to Use Google Analytics to Track Your Udemy Course

google analyticsThis post is part of the New Instructor Series—intended to help newly published instructors get their first crop of students. What good is creating a course if you’re not able to share it with others?

Google Analytics is a really powerful tool to track your Udemy course. Below, you’ll find a link to instructions on how to install Google Analytics on your course page and a video explaining how to interpret the data and make intelligent decisions about how to promote your course.

Step 1: Install Google Analytics on your Udemy course page.

Step 2: Watch the video below to learn how to: 1) use Google Analytics to track your Udemy course promotion, 2) set up conversion goals, 3) interpret the traffic data, 4) make intelligent decisions about how to promote your Udemy course.


What insights have you gained from installing Google Analytics? Share below!