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Course Creation


Here on Udemy we take course quality very seriously.  After all, if a student wants to take a course on Udemy and invest in his/her future, we want to make sure their experience is a great one.

But we’re also humble about what we know and do not know about course quality, so we’ve devised a review process that bases our standards in the science and data of what our students tell us.  As an instructor, you’ll be aware of the review process through two main ways: the Course Quality Checklist and the Udemy Review Process after you hit “publish”.

The Course Quality Checklist lays out all of the technical requirements of what a Udemy course is:

  • How many lectures you’ll need to have
  • What format your videos need to be in
  • How many minutes of video you’ll have to have
  • And tons more!

Think of the Course Quality Checklist as the foundation of your course — you can build whatever sort of course you like, but you’ll need to keep the Quality requirements in mind.

Course Creation pages are related to teaching techniques and teaching strategies and course design

The Udemy Review Process is where our review team looks over your course after you hit “publish” to see if you’ve incorporated all of the Checklist requirements.

  • The Review team looks over every course that’s published on the site and evaluates it against our quality checklist.  They’ll then send you an email letting you know your course has been reviewed, and you can click back into your “Course Feedback” page to see what they say!  We’ll help you fill in any gaps that we see in your course, and give you some recommendations for improving your course in small but powerful ways.
  • Our feedback is always grounded in a combination of time-tested instructional design principles, data from the marketplace on student engagement, and direct feedback from the millions of Udemy students.
  • For more on how the Review process works, click here.

Once you publish your course, make sure to look for an email from review@udemy.com to see our feedback.  If you have any questions at all about the feedback, or want some help in making the changes, just reach out and let us know.  We are here to help you, every step of the way!

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