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Audio and video demystified: Read recommendations and tutorials on audio and video recording, screencasting, and editing.

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  • Before you begin recording

    Please review these requirements before you start recording your course Test Video Service While we cover this in a dedicated article later in the recording process, we wanted to highlight our Test Video Service. Submit a sample video for feedback on your audio, video, tone, and delivery. You'll come away...

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  • Set up your recording space

    Setting up your recording space correctly is essential to ensuring your learners have a good experience with your course. Learners need to be able to see and hear your video without distractions like buzzes, pops, or a shaky camera. The good news is that you don’t need a professional studio to create your course....

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  • Resolve common audio issues

    Audio is one of the hardest aspects of the course to fix after you record, so be sure to spend some time to get it right from the beginning. It is so important that your learners can hear you clearly. Here is a list of common audio issues and how to resolve them. Two things before you begin It's best to use...

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  • Check your quality with Test Video

    As a reminder, Udemy requires that all courses meet our course quality requirements. Please review the list of requirements to familiarize yourself before you begin recording your course. It’s important that your online course delivers a good learning experience and your learners are able to hear and see your...

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  • Editing tips

    The final stage of the production stage is editing your course. This is your opportunity to fine tune your recording to create a more polished online course. Editing will help make your course look more professional and keep your learners engaged.  Here are some common ways to edit your course: Remove...

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