Check your quality with Test Video

Test Video is a free Udemy service that lets you get feedback on a sample video you submit. Feedback from Test Video helps you get your production basics right before you film your first course video, or whenever you change your set-up.

In your video sample for Test Video, use the same recording equipment and environment as your course.


  1. As you’re filming, remember the three quality checks for your sample video:
    Video shot in high definition (HD) at a resolution of 720 pixels (p) minimum with clear lighting, good framing, and steady camera
  2. Audio coming out of both channels, and matched to video
  3. Audio clear of distracting noises


This is only a sample video to ensure you have the correct studio and camera settings for your final course video. So you can talk about anything you want for at least 1–3 minutes.

Remember, the video doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, if you feel like something isn’t quite right yet, that’s precisely the time to send us a production test video.

Test Video feedback

You’ll get a review and personalized tips from us in about 2 business days. Feel free to submit as many test videos as you need to get your studio set-up, sound, audio, and delivery just right. When you receive feedback from Udemy, don’t hesitate to send a new test video after making improvements to your current setup. We are here to work with you through as many versions as it takes.

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