Check your quality with Test Video

As a reminder, Udemy requires that all courses meet our course quality requirements. Please review the list of requirements to familiarize yourself before you begin recording your course.

It’s important that your online course delivers a good learning experience and your learners are able to hear and see your course clearly. To help ensure your recording quality meets our requirements, we provide a free Test Video Review to give you feedback on a sample recording you submit.

While it is not a requirement that you submit a sample to our Test Video Review service, we recommend you take advantage of the Test Video Review if you are unsure if your recording setup meets our audio and video requirements. The goal of the Test Video Review is to provide you with confidence to record your course knowing that your setup meets our A/V requirements, as well as providing you with tips on your delivery. 

In your Test Video recording sample, please use the same recording equipment and setup you will use when you record your course. If you make any changes to your setup at any time and are unsure if the change impacted your recording quality, please submit another test video sample for review.

General course video requirements

  1. Video shot in high definition (HD) at a resolution of 720 pixels (p) minimum 
  2. Video with clear lighting, good framing, and a steady camera
  3. Audio that comes out of both channels and matches video
  4. Audio clear of distracting noises

Test Video sample content

Record a short 1-3 minute sample video to ensure you have the correct recording set up and appropriate camera settings before you actually start to record your course.

Remember, your video doesn’t have to be perfect. If you feel like something might not be right or are unsure about your setup, it’s a great time to send us a test video.

Test Video feedback

Once you submit a video for Test Video, your sample will be reviewed by an expert on our team (yes, a real person!), so please allow some time for our team to review your sample and provide you with personalized feedback on the quality of your audio, video, and delivery.

You can submit as many test videos as you need to ensure your recording setup delivers good audio and video. Once you receive our feedback, don’t hesitate to send a new test video after making improvements to your current setup. We are here to work with you so that you can feel confident that you have the proper set up to record a high quality course.

Once you’re ready to submit your test video, log into your instructor account and click here to get started.

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