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Rob Percival on Building Fun & Engaging Technology Courses

“Go big or go home”


Rob percival


Hometown: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Udemy Birthday: March, 2014
Most Popular Course: The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps
Fun Fact: Rob despises tomatoes, but loves tomato sauce.



Rob first discovered Udemy via a friend (also a Udemy instructor) in March and launched his first course in June. Since then Rob has achieved staggering success – we can at least partially attribute this to the fact that he take a comprehensive approach and teaches in “hot topic” areas. And having high quality, engaging content doesn’t hurt either! As Rob says, “I like doing big courses that take someone from zero skills to the stage where they could reach a professional level with some gentle googling.” In other words, Rob is all about the motto “go big or go home!”

Activities & Projects

While web development courses can easily stray into the “dry and difficult to follow” bucket, Rob makes a concerted effort to ensure his courses are “all about having some fun and making cool stuff.”

Rob achieves this goal through the frequent inclusion of student activities and projects.

  • Activities: Rob teaches a concept and then sets a small challenge (literally 10 seconds) which requires students to use the concept they just learned. Each lecture has one or more of these short challenges. Not only does this increase student engagement with the course, but it proves to students how readily applicable and actionable the course content is.
  • Projects: Rob also gives students larger projects (1-2 at the end of each section) and invites them to share their results on the course discussion board. Rob enjoys seeing what they come up with and provides feedback and encouragement.

Ongoing Support

For Rob, “supporting students is absolutely crucial.” With several successful courses, Rob spends a portion of each day responding to and engaging with students. It’s a commitment, but Rob enjoys it, saying “there aren’t many places where you can teach 30,000 people on your own! It’s a good feeling…”


We’ve asked a variety of bestselling and innovative Udemy instructors to host one hour Q&A sessions in the Udemy Studio or Faculty Lounge. These “Ask Me Anythings” are a chance for the instructor community to get their questions answered in real time by instructors we consider to be true mentors. To view the Ask Me Anything session hosted by Rob Percival, go here  (Note that you will need to be a Studio member to access the link).