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Usability updates to the co-instructor settings page

To improve clarity and usability, we’ve made changes to the way we display revenue share on the co-instructor settings page.

Previously, the configurable revenue share represented each instructor’s share of net revenue on «organic» sales. So, all instructors’ revenue shares summed to 50%, the instructor share of net revenue for organic sales.

This clearly indicated how net revenue would be split for an organic sale. However, it didn’t clearly indicate what would happen for sales via instructor promotions (where instructors received 97% of net revenue), or via paid channels like Ads and Affiliates (where instructors received 25% of net revenue).

Now, the configurable revenue share represents share of instructor net revenue for all sales. So, all instructors’ revenue shares sum to 100%.

If you had co-instructor revenue shares designated before this change, your settings were automatically adjusted with no change to proportional shares between instructors. So if previously, your course had three premium instructors with revenue shares set to 25%, 20%, and 5%, those shares will now reflect 50%, 40%, and 10%, respectively.

You can read more about adding and managing co-instructors in the Help Center.

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