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Personal Plan: Instructor FAQ

What is Personal Plan? 

For an overview of the fundamentals of Personal Plan, including what content is included, how instructors are paid, and our goals for the pilot, please read more here.


Is Udemy planning to replace individual course sales with subscriptions?

We see the subscription model as a complement to the existing Udemy model to meet the needs of some current students and enable us to attract new ones. We remain committed to building and strengthening the direct purchase platform as we build out a complementary subscription model.


Why is the revenue share for Personal Plan 25% like Udemy Business, rather than 37% like the direct purchase model? 

Revenue share on Udemy rewards investment. When you invest more by promoting your own content, you receive a higher revenue share. When Udemy makes a deeper investment on programs like Udemy Business, we receive a higher revenue share.

Subscriptions can create great long-term value, but when compared to an individual course purchase, they require a much more substantial marketing investment. From competing for higher-value keywords and audiences to building out highly personalized engagement features, subscriptions aren’t simple to make successful — but they’re worth it. 

We’re ready to make this investment because we’re confident in the opportunity Personal Plan represents for instructors and our business as a whole. Furthermore, instructor incrementality — the idea that instructors earn more in a Udemy with subscriptions than they do in a Udemy without them — is one of our key measures of success for the pilot.


What happens when a learner pays for Personal Plan, but doesn’t consume any content? 

Each month, we pool all payments made and minutes consumed by Personal Plan subscribers in order to calculate instructor revenue. This includes payments from students who didn’t actually spend any time learning. So whether or not a student engages, instructor payment is calculated based on 25% of the net subscription revenue.


How can instructors communicate with students enrolled via Personal Plan?

Students in Personal Plan can see announcements you publish to your course, and can post messages to the course Q&A. Students in Personal Plan don’t currently receive welcome/congratulations messages, promotional announcements, or direct messages. 


How often do you refresh what content is available in Personal Plan?

Like the Udemy Business collection, the Personal Plan collection is refreshed over time to add promising new content and remove content that is underperforming or no longer meets quality standards. While the curation teams for both collections collaborate, there may be some differences between the collections at a given point in time. Generally speaking, though, content that is added or removed from the Udemy Business collection will also be added to or removed from the Personal Plan collection.


When will you be rolling out Personal Plan collections in languages besides English?

In September 2021, we announced that we’d be rolling out Personal Plan for a subset of learners in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish markets. Further out, we’re considering including content in Italian, Polish, and Japanese. When we’re ready to introduce the pilot in these markets, we’ll notify participating instructors.


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