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Self Promotion Tips: How to Use Contests to Drive Course Sales

This tutorial will help you design contests and giveaways as a way to engage with your audience and drive course sales. Contests are a fun, time-limited tactic to gain new followers, engage with existing followers, and create opportunities to promote your Udemy courses.

Step 1: Identify a valuable promotional giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to build audience engagement. They signal to your followers that you care about the community and want to offer valuable content to them. Offering the giveaway as part of contest creates a feeling of scarcity and prompts students to jump into action by participating.

Examples include: 1 hour Q&A session on Google Hangouts, EBook download, Product related to your course, Full scholarship to your course, etc.

Step 2: Determine how followers will express interest to participate

If you’re using an email service provider, you can create a form or landing page within your provider. If you’re not using one, this is a great opportunity to start using a basic service like MailChimp. Otherwise, you can create a simple form to collect names and email addresses via Google Forms. It’s a free service and takes only a few minutes to set up.

Step 3: Include a deadline and post your contest details on all your channels

Make sure to include a deadline for your contest. One recommendation is to limit the time window of the contest to 7-10 days. Once you’re ready to post the details of your contest, spread the message far and wide. Email your subscribers and post across all your social channels. Encourage others to help you spread the word too. Remember to send updates throughout the week as well as a 24-hour last day reminder.

Once the contest period concludes, you can pick and announce the winner(s). As part of the announcement, you can share the details to your Udemy course and link to a course discount.

Instructor Spotlight: Teresa Greenway used a giveaway to build audience engagement

Teresa posted a blogpost with a giveaway for baker’s scale. In order to win, readers simply had to leave a bread baking tip in the comments section of the post. She promoted the contest on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more—and linked back to her original post.

Due to the excitement about the giveaway, her blogpost received a lot of engagement—86 comments! The blogpost also included a video announcing her new course and a link to a course discount.

Check out her full story here.