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Self Promotion Tips: How to Use Free Webinars to Drive Course Sales

This tutorial will help you understand how you can use free webinars to drive course sales. Webinars are nothing more than seminars that are done over the Internet. They’re virtual training sessions or lectures presented live or recorded. And, like traditional presentations at conferences and trade shows, they incorporate the use of PowerPoint slides, videos, and interactive Q&A. Webinars are easy to host and a great way to help promote your Udemy courses. They also help generate leads by building your mailing list, help you get to know your target audience’s needs better through interaction, and raise your brand awareness.

Step 1: Pick your webinar hosting style and platform

There are a few ways to produce a successful webinar, so you can pick the route that you feel most comfortable with, or you can try out different options and see which ones work best for you. You can put together your own free webinar or collaborate with someone else. There are also a variety of different platforms to use to host, but we recommend Google Hangouts as it’s free and easy to use. Below are detailed how-to instructions for how to set up a webinar on Google Hangouts.

  • Visit your Google+ page and then expand the sidebar to select Hangouts.
  • Click Hangouts on Air.
  • Input all of the information about your webinar, including the date, time, and audience. Click Share when complete.
  • Choose a design for your webinar’s page. Upload a trailer for your audience to enjoy prior to the webinar to get them excited.
  • Activate the Showcase and Q&A options so you can share links (especially links to your Udemy course using your instructor coupon code, or email opt-in page) during the webinar, and to include an interactive Q&A session.
  • Promote it! Click on Invite More to manually invite people. Share the direct link to the webinar page via your mailing list and social media pages. Or use the embed code to add it to your website.
  • When the webinar day has arrived, click Start to begin the broadcast. Click Screenshare, select the active window, and click Start Broadcast to go live with your slideshow presentation.

Step 2: Design the content of your webinar for more traffic & course sales

First, you’ll need to identify a topic or main focus idea, which should be related to your Udemy course. Ideally, your webinar will serve as a great intro or feeder to your course. If you need some help figuring out how to organize a webinar, attend some free webinars and see how instructors deliver information and interact with an audience. You can find free webinars through lots of sponsored posts on Facebook, or browse through a published list.

Once you’ve determined what you want your webinar to be about, create videos, collect insightful facts and images, and make a slideshow presentation that will be easy for your audience to follow.

Step 3: Promote your webinar through multiple channels and require registration for participation 

You’ll need to get people to register for your webinar before it happens, which will help you collect new email addresses to add to your mailing list. Create an email opt-in page specifically for your webinar so you can track exactly who is signing up. Be sure to share the link to your email opt-in page with your current email subscribers and followers on social media.

Once you’ve created an email opt-in page for your webinar, you can start promoting your webinar via your email list and social media channels. You can also use other services, such as guest blogging, partnering with others on their webinars, and contests. You can even use press release syndication services to help you get the word out to a much larger audience:




While speaking to your audience during the webinar, make mention of your Udemy course several times in a tasteful way. Plant the seed so that when you refer your mailing list recipients to your course later on, they’ll already know what you’re talking about and they’ll already be interested in learning more about it.

  • Hosting your webinar prior to the launch of your Udemy course? Direct your audience to your early bird opt-in page.
  • Hosting your webinar after the launch of your Udemy course? Provide your audience with a Udemy instructor coupon code for the course.

After your webinar is complete, post the recording on your website and social media channels so that it can continue to be used as a marketing tool for your Udemy course.

Instructor Spotlight: How Guy Hauptman Earned Over $7,500 in One Month by Utilizing Webinars

In order to capture the attention of students in the weeks before the exam, I ran a webinar through [the free service] Google Hangouts on Air. The content of my webinar was really just a condensed version of 10-12 of my videos—I didn’t even have to create anything new!

Once the webinar was over, I posted the recording on my sales page. I created a separate YouTube video to promote it, I mentioned it at the end of every video on my YouTube Channel, and I posted about it on social media.

I was unsure of the impact of my webinar because real-time attendance wasn’t huge, but thousands of people ended up watching my webinar’s replay.

So many students watched and shared the webinar recording that my whole website sales page actually crashed!

Read the full story here.


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