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Self Promotion Tips: How to Write Successful Course Promotion Emails

This tutorial will help you understand and incorporate the key elements in designing and writing effective email campaigns that will drive sales when you launch new courses or promote existing courses. We’re focusing on email because it is by far the highest converting channel in terms of course sales. If you don’t have an email list, start with our resources on how to set up an email opt-in form and email autoresponder sequence.

Step 1: Offer an incentive for students to join your course

Incentives are often a great way to reward people for taking immediate action. Incentives can be in the form of a special discount to your course (e.g. 50% off) or in the form of a tangible product or service (e.g. free PDF download, private Q&A session, etc). Incentives are also another way to add value to your course offer.

Example: “If you sign up for my course in the next ten days during my (launch) promotion, you will also get access to a private Q&A session with me.”

Step 2: Include a deadline for the promotion

Setting a deadline for your (launch) promotion is critical in terms of its success in driving sales. It creates a sense of urgency for students and encourages people to take action in purchasing your course now.

Example: “The promotion ends on 10/19 in ten days.”

Step 3: Send reminder emails

A rule of thumb in marketing or advertising is that the majority of people need to hear your message several times (some sources claim “7” is the magic number) before they purchase. At a bare minimum, we recommend designing a 3 email sequence over the course of a week or 10 days when announcing your course. In your reminder emails, you can include student testimonials and feedback about your course, further building social proof for those who have not taken action in purchasing yet.

Example: “This is a friendly reminder that I have one more day in my (launch) promotion. The deadline to receive the 50% off discount is tomorrow, [DATE].”

EMAIL TEMPLATES HERE: For email language you can use and customize, please click here.

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