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September 2017 Newsletter

Have you ever played back a video or audio recording of yourself and thought, “I can’t stand listening to myself”? Getting comfortable seeing ourselves on screen takes time and acting natural in front of a camera takes even longer. At Udemy, we think there are five key factors that contribute to you feeling confident in your on-screen delivery.

  • A good recording setup
    When your audio and video is taken care of, you can focus on the message.
  • A solid outline, script, or content plan
    When you improvise entirely, you lose out on clarity.
  • A clear and confident voice
    When you are conscious of your volume, emphasis, and pacing, you ensure your message is heard.
  • A strong sense of purpose
    When you imagine your students, your intention shines through.
  • Your natural personality
    When you bring your true self to the table, students engage more with your content.

Whether your courses rely more on talking head or screencast videos, your delivery is the secret sauce that engages students and keeps them coming back for more. This month, we’ll share lots of tools and tips to upgrade your recording setup and supercharge your instructor delivery to inspire more students.

Instructor Success Team

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