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Student Engagement on Udemy

Engagement Analytics is a powerful tool to understand how your course is performing in the marketplace, and how satisfied your students are with your course. Your course is a living, breathing, and improving experience. This feature is all about giving you the right data to keep your course vibrant, healthy, and optimized. Here’s how.

Access Your Analytics from Your Course Dashboard

  • Go to your instructor dashboard
  • Click on any published course to be taken to the Course Roadmap
  • On the left-hand side, click on Analytics
  • You can review Engagement by clicking on the appropriate tab

Analyze your Subcategory
Use the top line metrics of Recent Ratings and Content Consumed to track how your course is doing in the marketplace. For this section, we compare your course to other courses in your subcategory.

Get Students Learning
Use the Lecture Engagement section of your analytics to see the percentage of students who have started and finished each lecture, and how that compares to the total number of active students in your course. Press play on the video to follow along with how many students are watching the video. Analyze which of your lectures are most popular, and which aren’t doing as well at attracting students’ attention.

Optimize for Student Success

Now that you have the data, it’s time to make updates to your course based on your students’ feedback and behavior!

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