How Udemy marketing benefits you

Our team around the world is dedicated to learning more about our learners so that they can get the right courses in front of the right learners. We’re constantly innovating and experimenting based on our growing knowledge of what learners need and which courses are a good fit for them. We use what we know about a particular learner’s interests and the purchasing patterns of millions of other learners to create personalized learning recommendations. We tailor our emails, push notifications, site announcements, and promotions to what we know about our learners and their purchasing habits.

Here are some of the marketing strategies that we use to reach out to learners.

Seasonal campaigns around the world

You may not know when summer vacation starts in Europe or when the holidays are being celebrated in Asia, but we do! We’re a global company and keep a pulse on the major holidays and events around the world. We create seasonal campaigns and event sales, like Black Friday, Diwali, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, among so many more, so that our learners around the world receive timely, relevant marketing campaigns in their native languages featuring courses that we think will appeal to them.

Advertising on popular sites

We reach potential learners even after they’ve left Udemy through our partnerships with sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google, Amazon, Groupon and more. For example, we might remind a learner about your course on Udemy if they have previously viewed, wishlisted or previewed your course. We have teams of experts, who specialize in creating paid advertisements on each platform so that you don’t have to.

Tapping into our deep knowledge of student interests

Learners receive course recommendations at key moments during their Udemy journey, including before and after they’ve bought a course.

If a learner is totally new to Udemy, they will see new courses on their topics of interest. If we don’t have a lot of information on the user, they will see trending courses or the most purchased courses. Once they start browsing, they’ll start to get recommendations based on their search terms, if they preview courses, watch promo videos, or add courses to their wishlist. Finally, they’ll receive recommendations based on their behavior as they take and complete a course.

Since we analyze millions of learner purchases and actions, we can create highly targeted marketing campaigns. These campaigns go out to learners based on their actions. Learners might receive recommended courses in emails, on Udemy, in the Udemy app, and on other sites across the web.

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