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How Teresa Greenway Turned Her Bread Empire Into $17,000 Worth of Dough

TeresaLGreenway_1Eleven years ago, Teresa Greenway’s daughter made a bet that would change the course of her mother’s life. 

What was the bet? To make a loaf of authentic sourdough bread that was as good as the kind you buy in stores. Teresa didn’t take this bet lightly. She went to work and after two months of frequent experimentation, she created her perfect loaf.

Teresa was so thrilled with her creation that she wanted to share her new-found knowledge with others. With this in mind, Northwest Sourdough was born. From humble beginnings, Teresa now has a booming bread baking business and three Udemy courses that have brought her nearly $17k of income.

How did she manage to do this? Check out his tips below to find out how you can implement the same types of strategies for success.

Learn From the Success of Other Udemy Instructors

A few years ago, Teresa knew she wanted to create a Udemy course, but was unsure of where to start. As a first step, she enrolled in the free How to Create Your Udemy Course and joined the Udemy Studio Facebook group. These outlets were just the jumpstart she needed. “I can’t recommend Udemy courses highly enough,” she says. “Get out there and network with the other instructors and take their courses.”

Build an Audience Across Multiple Channels

Teresa isn’t just a baker. She’s also an active blogger, Facebooker, and YouTuber, and more. All of these marketing channels help her get the word out about her business.

Teresa started blogging in 2006. By regularly posting articles and content, her blog has become a bread-baking destination on the web.

Then, in 2010, she created four ebooks that she lists on her website and Amazon. Now she has even more titles for sale. Early on in her book—as early as the “Author’s Note” section—she links to her website so that her Amazon readers can discover her other products.


More recently, she created a YouTube channel that now has over 100 videos. And on Facebook, she has two active groups, Perfect Sourdough (with over 9k likes) and Northwest Sourdough (with over 5k likes).

Lastly, she has a growing email list, which includes around 2,000 subscribers. She’s been growing her email list with two opt-ins on her website. Teresa leverages this audience as a way to promote giveaways, give discounts, and offer early access to new products.


The opt-in for her “Make Your Own Sourdough Starter” ebook provides coupons for her Udemy courses. She uses a special tracking code for these courses, so she can link sales back to this download.

Teresa’s audience is large now, but it wasn’t always. She says, “It doesn’t matter how small your following is, it doesn’t matter if it’s 300. If you have a tribe that likes you and they want what you have to sell, then you’re good to go. It’s like having a family.”

Test Out Price Points & Coupons

Another key to Teresa’s success was strategic pricing. When her initial pricing of $299 wasn’t working, she began playing with discounts, discovering her sales sweet spot of $29-$49. She now sells her courses above the sweet spot, but then delivers discounts to meet it. This maximizes sales while giving buyers the sense they’re getting a good deal.

For each discount, Teresa uses a unique tracking code, so she knows which channels drive the most Udemy sales. This also helps her determine where to dedicate marketing efforts in the future.

Test Giveaways to Build Audience Engagement

Yet another tactic that worked well for Teresa was giveaways.

As an example, she posted a blogpost with a giveaway for baker’s scale.

In order to win, readers simply had to leave a bread baking tip in the comments section of the post. She promoted the contest on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more—and linked back to her original post.

Due to the excitement about the giveaway, her blogpost received a lot of engagement—86 comments! The blogpost also included a video announcing her new course and a link to a course discount.


Since engagement makes people more likely to buy, this giveaway helped her greatly augment her sales.

Integrate Learnings for a Powerful Pre-Launch

All of these tactics were great on their own, but the individual effects were magnified when they were all combined for the launch of her second course, Bake Classic Breads, Artisan Sourdough.

Teresa saw the success of offering an incentive in the past, which helped her build her early opt-in list and increase launch sales. So for her pre-launch for her second course she ran a “super” giveaway (super for its high value) for a Brod & Taylor proofer.

She posted about the giveaway on her blog, promoted it on social media, and created a dedicated YouTube video.

This drove her audience to an email opt-in form, where she collected email addresses that she could use to promote her course.

And as with other giveaways, her blogpost featured limited-time discounts for her new course.

Teresa’s mailing list and engaged community played a key role in the marketing of her second Udemy course, as well as in the building of her overall business.

Due to the high price of the proofer and leveraging YouTube, Facebook, and email, Teresa’s giveaway and discounts were shared far and wide. These tactics, when used together, produced stellar sales results for Teresa—over $5k in sales in August, 2015 alone.

You too can benefit from a successful pre-launch. In addition to following Teresa’s lead, you can check out the Udemy guide on pre-launch announcements.

Takeaways | Five Tools to Use For a Successful Course Launch

  • Learn from the success of other Udemy instructors. Take the free course How to Create Your Udemy Course then join the Udemy Studio Facebook group for tips and tricks from other instructors.
  • Build an Audience Across Multiple Channels. Don’t rely on one marketing channel to get the word out. Use various channels to see where you get traction and engagement.
  • Test out coupons and price points. Your current course price may not be the one that maximizes your sales. Test out different price points to find your pricing sweet spot.
  • Test Giveaways to Build Audience Engagement. Giveaways can be a powerful way to generate interest and have others share your message. Engaged users are more likely to buy, so giveaways can boost sales too.
  • Integrate learnings for a powerful pre-launch.  Integrate learnings into a powerful pre-launch campaign and start promoting the course before it goes live.


3 thoughts on “How Teresa Greenway Turned Her Bread Empire Into $17,000 Worth of Dough”

  1. Teresa says:

    You are amazing Alexandra! Thank you for a great article! I am super grateful for the opportunities Udemy provides instructors and students alike. I am glad to share my strategies for selling my courses. Many thanks, Teresa

  2. Barrett Clemmensen Powell says:

    Teresa, I knew when I interviewed you on the radio, as a woman in leadership and entrepreneurship on Udemy, that you were heading nowhere but upwards! I continue to be impressed with your entrepreneurial spirit and personal tenacity. The article is well-written and gives a solid portrait of your endeavors and success. WOOHOO!!!

  3. Nancy Thomas Ward says:

    Dear Teresa I am so happy for your personal growth, your success, your happiness shining through and most of all your graciousness to others.
    Much love
    Nancy Thomas Ward

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