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Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You Udemy Instructors!

In the United States, May 4th – May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Even though here at Udemy we feel that every week is Teacher Appreciation Week, we wanted to do a special surprise for the worldwide community of instructors who are changing the world with their teaching. Take a look at the video below to hear directly from the students who you’ve inspired, encouraged, and motivated to move forward in their careers and their lives.

Udemy students learn from all over the world and in many different languages.  Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the students who were so generous in sharing their stories about how their Udemy instructors have changed their lives.

united_states_of_america_square_icon_64Kat Bourgeois, Texas, USA.  Favorite Course: Infographics For Content Promotion
Instructors: Deborah Drumm and Amy Harrop

united_kingdom_square_icon_64Claire Pickin, Manchester, UK.  Favorite Course: Total Transformation Yoga Teacher Training
Instructor: Sadie Nardini

united_states_of_america_square_icon_64James Smith, Pennsylvania, USA.
Favorite Instructor: Christine Maisel

france_square_icon_64Leila Haret, Paris, France.  Favorite Course: Aprende a Crear un Curso Online
Instructor: Miguel Hernandez


Melissa Garrett, Texas, USA.  Favorite Course: Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS
Instructor: Brad Hussey

united_kingdom_square_icon_64Steve Young, Blackpool, UK.  Favorite Course, Anatomy for Figure Drawing
Instructor: Neil Fontaine

united_states_of_america_square_icon_64Chris Dowd, Colorado, USA.  Favorite Course: Learn To Code by Making Games
Instructors: Ben Tristem, Brice Fernandes

malaysia_square_icon_64Victor Voon, Malaysia.  Favorite Course: BIM Training
Instructor: Paul Ugwu

turkey_square_icon_64Mert Cam, Istanbul, Turkey.  Favorite Course: Double Your Confidence & Self Esteem
Instructor: Jimmy Nairaine

united_states_of_america_square_icon_64Richard Garetano, Florida, USA.  Favorite Course: Become a Better Photographer
Instructor: Bernie Raffe

united_kingdom_square_icon_64Soji Oguntonade, Kent, UK.
Favorite Instructor: Alun Hill

norway_square_icon_64Werner Skaug, Norway.  Favorite Course: Writing with Flair
Instructor: Shani Raja

united_states_of_america_square_icon_64David Conley, Pennsylvania, USA.  Favorite Course: How to Make a “Freaking” iPhone App
Instructor: Nick Walter

united_arab_emirates_square_icon_64Hasan Jafri, Dubai, UAE.  Favorite Course, Anatomy for Figure Drawing
Instructor: Neil Fontaine

united_states_of_america_square_icon_64Joann Pigot, Texas, USA.  Favorite Course: Taking Family Portraits Like a Pro
Instructor: Valerie Goettsch


Christine Lee, North Carolina, USA.
Favorite Instructor: Tom Owsiak

thailand_square_icon_64Clive Verrall, Thailand.  Favorite Course: The Complete Web Developer Course
Instructor: Rob Percival

united_states_of_america_square_icon_64Rana Kory, Indiana, USA.  Favorite Course: The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course
Instructor: Daniel Strong

united_states_of_america_square_icon_64Meddy Mills, Georgia, USA.  Favorite Course: Think Clearly with Visual Notes
Instructor: Mathias Jakobsen


10 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You Udemy Instructors!”

  1. John Colley says:

    Very cool guys, its wonderful to hear from such great students and discover how Udemy courses are changing their lives!
    Great video, thank you

  2. Marc Isaacson says:

    Thank you to Udemy for providing the platform to make all of this possible.
    Thank you to Udemy for compiling this video.
    Thank you to all the students who took the time to contribute to this video.

    Bhavatu sabba mangalam – May all beings be happy

  3. Larry Crowe says:

    Cool! Thanks Udemy. I have had some great feedback from students on my course and it’s very inspiring. I’m hoping to create a new course soon!
    Cheers and keep up the great work!
    Larry Crowe

  4. Khairul Anwar says:

    Teaching others make me a better learner! It feels great too! Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!

  5. Total Training says:

    Great video! It is so nice to see how our training is benefiting so many people. From everyone at Total Training, thank you!

  6. Tim Buchalka says:

    Its so awesome to see a great video like this from students.

    As an instructor I spent a lot of time focusing on the content of the course and a video likes this makes me stop and reflect on how much of a difference in people’s lives a great course can make.

    Thats not only wonderful but also inspires me to continue focusing on making the best courses possible!


  7. Kellie Edwards says:

    As an instructor this was just awesome to watch. It is a real pleasure creating Personal Development courses on Udemy and hearing how students are getting so much out of the courses makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Amy Lynn Hess says:

    Oh! It’s absolutely wonderful to hear from our students! : )

  9. Dr. Margaret Jamal says:

    This video was definitely encouraging and motivational for inspiring quality and effective learning material. And congratulations to all of the instructors for taking the time to comply with the protocol and guidance from Udemy. Thank you for this innovative learning platform!

  10. Ilana Moss says:

    Creating a course on Udemy has changed my life! I am so grateful to hear from students that it is transforming their lives as well. This is what it’s all about!! Thanks again, Udemy <3

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