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The Course Creation Journey

If you’re a new instructor creating your first course, here’s a sneak peek into what the journey of creating a course will look like.

You’ll notice there are 2 major checkpoints:

  • One early on to check your audio-video quality
  • One at the very end where we make sure your course meets all the criteria outlined in our quality checklist

So make sure to know the quality checklist like the back of your hand!



44 thoughts on “The Course Creation Journey”

  1. Martin Fox says:

    I’m in. I want to take the newcomer challenge.

  2. Ronit Gerber says:

    I’m going for it!

    I’m taking the newcomers challenge and can’t wait to start instructing on Udemy.

  3. Jerry Waxman says:

    Time management – If I can accomplish that, this challenge will be a cinch. Great Instructor’s course, by the way.

  4. Robert Lanteigne says:

    This is exactly what i was looking for and the timming is perfect! I’m all in. 😉

  5. Hanady says:

    I think this is a great idea and very well appreciated effort. it gives us opportunity to land our dreams from just ideas to a real course that others may get benefit of it.

  6. Dylan Carter says:

    I’m in! I’m excited to teach others valuable skills and knowledge that I have.

  7. Janis Bryden says:

    This challenge is inspiring and I am raring to go!

  8. Alex Ivanov says:

    Yes, great timing, nothing like a little nudging to finally jump in and take a crack at my teaching me 1st course on Udemy.

  9. Grazina A. Szewczyk says:

    The Challenge finally made me stop planning and start creating ;D

  10. Debi Talbert says:

    I’m totally in. So excited I’m creating Hangouts and recording my journey as I go. Once complete I’ll submit the journey to Udemy as a free course.

  11. ali says:

    lets do it

  12. julia goga-cooke says:

    I am wowed at the journey you have sent me. It has all the answers from “where do I start”, an indication of the time I need for each activity, all packed in one good month. Pretty awesome. Thank you

  13. Stefano says:

    Ok let’s try!

  14. Phil Carrick says:

    I’m in….bring it on 🙂

  15. Marie says:

    Let’s do it!

  16. Abdul Malik says:

    This is an awesome way to help others improve! I am excited to start the journey with Udemy!

  17. GEOFFREY TAN says:

    I am highely motivated to Create My Udemy Course to be a great success to countless number of people

  18. Segma says:

    Bring it on!!!

  19. D.G. Smeall says:

    I appreciate the Udemy team making this creation journey to help me stay focused on my goal of creating this course for others to gain the experience needed from the tools I will present and share with them. Thanks for guiding me through this process. I sure hope my course becomes one of those that wins a Tweet!

  20. Christina Carpanzano says:

    This is a GREAT opportunity!

  21. Dorcas Wood@feelgoodfoodblog says:

    I love this “project plan” of sorts. What a great way to help a Udemy “newbie” instructor complete their first course successfully. I am on board!

  22. Sarah Schwab says:

    I’m taking the challenge! What a great summer project, and your instructor resources and support are outstanding.

  23. Gary Kazragis says:

    It is Time! No more promises or hopes or even dreams. It is time for action. This is the day, this is the time, and now we have the challenge! Greatness awaits…for all.

  24. Cathal says:

    I signed up for the challenge yesterday and am very excited about creating my course.

    My problem is, I started by naming the course on Udemy but I can’t seem to find my blueprint anywhere.

    Is there a dashboard on Udemy teach where I can pick up where I left off please?

    Thanks in advance for your reply. 🙂

    1. Udemy Instructor Team says:

      Hey Cathal, if you go to your “My Courses” tab you should see your draft course: https://www.udemy.com/home/my-courses/teaching/

  25. D. L. says:

    I’m all in!

  26. Joel Forbes says:

    This newcomer challenge has got me so hyped! I’m looking forward to creating something awesome with the help of Udemy.

  27. Shahid hussain says:

    Great !! i’m totally ready now .. just wait and watch

  28. David Adrian Thomas, Esq., M.C.I.H.T. says:

    I’m in the Design Intro Lecture / Design Content Lectures stages; have joined the Udemy Studio Facebook Group and received and made use of feedback from them; found the Planning stage fertile and conceptually changed the course name accordingly; and am in the Gather stage at this very moment and will enter the Record Test stage in a day or two when I receive the okay to switch from free trial to full licence and maintenance agreement for use of the specialist video editing gear I have chosen (TechSmith Camtasia Studio). It has been an extraordinarily incredible journey so far, and Udemy has made it extraordinarily easy for me. I have never been this happy and felt this fulfilled in my life before, and I have in the course of my life helped literally billions of people around the world improve their health, wealth and happiness, saved many thousands of lives by advocacy, coaching and counselling the subject matter of the course I am developing, written a clutch of Amazon Bestsellers and am consequently a featured blogger on the Huffington Post by personal invitation of its Editor in Chief. And yet none of that came close to making me feel the way I do developing a course for Udemy. Thanks Udemy.

  29. Paul Gronow says:

    Thank you so much Udemy – Although I’m relatively new to Udemy, my journey started (like so many others I guess) when I came across a Udemy video ad strategically placed whilst looking for a free JavaScript & jQuery tutorial to help me prepare for a Training Course I was going to run.
    I have to say that I firstly skipped the Udemy ad a number of times, (as Udemy looked too expensive)… Then thanks to the ad’s perfect placement & regularity plus the diminishing time frame & lack of credible options elsewhere I thankfully decided to check out what all the fuss was about at Udemy!
    I not only found free & paid for courses that has helped me make money but I also found a potential for me to draw my attention to exploring the opportunity of becoming a full-time Udemy Instructor!
    Why, well, I’m a self-employed IT Trainer & Guitar Teacher, used to making my living within these two topics I am used to making schemes of work, resources, assessment, video, audio & websites…
    So in Udemy I have such a huge door of opportunity, what with the Udemy team, fellow instructors, the platform, the training resources, the expertise, if I try hard enough, then I believe that over the coming years; I too will become a Udemy success story…

  30. Navjot Kaur says:

    This is an awesome course indeed! I cannot wait to start my journey with Udemy.

  31. Ruth Robertson says:

    Looking forward to creating something special with udemy

  32. Ruth Robertson says:

    An exciting opportunity to help others transform their working lives positively with the help of Udemy

  33. Walter Mogane says:

    I’m up for the challenge. I’m a full time employee working a 9 to 5 job so I have less hours in a day. But it doesn’t matter. I say, bring it on!

  34. Adalgisa says:

    It is excellent.I’m so happy I go to take the course step for step for to teach my knowledge the best way possible thank you.

  35. Sandy Morgan says:

    Is the quality checklist available in English?

    1. Udemy Instructor Team says:

      Hey Sandy, you bet! Check out our “Course Creation” section of the Teach Hub for all the information you need.

  36. James Killion says:

    I am all in, taking the new commer challenge and hope their are many more after I get this one completed. Looking forward to learning and teaching with you all.

  37. Annette Horton says:

    OK was going to take it slow but then the challenge email came through and I’m like okay let’s go…..I work better under pressure anyway less procrastination!!!

  38. Mercedes Beato Hawkins says:

    I love this course, the checklist and the challenge because it helps us get even more organized than we already are. I am a teacher, have been a teacher. This helps us map out our plan and encourages us to go deeper.

  39. Bertrand Brassard says:

    Thanks Udemy for this great opportunity. I’m in and the challenge is mine and I’ll do everything to complete it!

  40. Courtney Nesbitt says:

    I’m excited to learn how to share my skills with more people in order to help them live a more fulfilling and vibrant life.

  41. Shumeka says:

    Thanks Udemy for this challenge. I’m in and will do my best to complete it!

  42. Izak says:

    I am in as well and very excited about the possibilities. Now I can finally offer my valuable knowledge and experience of more than 3 decades to the world out there. Thank you Udemy.

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