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Trust & Safety

Every day, thousands of minutes of life-changing content are consumed on Udemy. This is made possible by instructors passionate about teaching and students dedicated to learning. Udemy is founded on core values centered around this exchange of knowledge. We’re committed to empowering highly knowledgeable everyday experts to provide an amazing learning experience for a global community of students.

It’s up to all of us here at Udemy to live these values: instructors, students, and the Udemy team. When we live these values, we continue to create a thriving, sustainable marketplace where anyone can truly build the life they imagine through online learning — and have a great time doing it.


Who forms our community?

Students come to Udemy to have an engaging learning experience where they have access to a huge variety of topics from experts who practice these skills on a daily basis.

Instructors are an inspiring bunch who love to teach. They come to Udemy because of the opportunity to impact millions of students across the world, and for access to the tools, platform, and coaching that enables them to create high-quality courses.

What are the ground-rules?

1) Don’t spam

Students come to Udemy to have a safe and engaging learning experience and instructors teach for the love of sharing knowledge. Instructors: Once you’re on the Udemy platform, don’t try to sell other products or spam each other with requests and offers.

2) Don’t game the system
  • For instructors: Don’t direct Udemy students away from the Udemy platform, push the envelope on what is and is not allowed, or search for loopholes in policies. We want our community of students to grow, as does every other instructor. When you game the system, the whole community loses out on having a common pool of engaged students who want to learn.
  • For students: Don’t harass instructors, ask for free coupons, or offer reviews in exchange for things. The community relies on a healthy interaction between students and instructors, as well as honest student feedback to understand which courses are right for them.
3) Keep it professional

Our instructors actively collaborate and communicate with each other, and students and instructors have healthy and vibrant discussions through the course-taking experience. We ask that, in connection with those relationships, you’re respectful, honest, and considerate with students, instructors, and Udemy staff. Be a positive member of the Udemy community. Never ask for personal information, or post unoriginal content as your own.

4) If you see something, say something

If anything you see or experience ever seems like a violation, or you’re unsure about a policy, email us at policy@udemy.com. Our team reviews every report, will answer your questions, and determine whether there has been a violation of our policies.

We’re here to help you understand our policies and be successful on Udemy.

What happens when there’s a violation of our policies?

Our students and instructors are typically good, responsible members of the community. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes, you just don’t know what’s okay and not okay. That’s why, the first time there’s a violation, you’ll only receive a warning. We’ll provide resources to help you better understand our policies and learn how to work successfully on Udemy. We’re also happy to speak with you directly to help you better understand what’s okay and not okay.

We do expect you to be proactive about understanding and following Udemy policies. If we see another violation of any of our policies, there will be more severe consequences in the form of “strikes.” Each strike is recorded in our system, and instructors who repeatedly violate policies will eventually be removed from the Udemy platform.


These strikes apply at a course level. So, if another instructor on the course has a violation, all instructors associated with the course will see the features disabled for that course.

Please note that we reserve the right to escalate strikes based on the severity of the violation. We will re-evaluate the strikes on an account on a six month rolling basis.