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Bonus Lecture

A Bonus Lecture is the last lecture of your course, typically after the concluding lecture. You can use this space to market your other courses and products to students. You can also inform your students of additional material that you provide beyond the course. The Bonus Lecture is considered a marketing tool.

Instructor – Detailed Guidelines

  • DO feel free to include coupon codes or links to other Udemy courses, external links to your website/blog, or other supplementary products (e.g., books) that will be relevant to students
  • DON’T provide free previews of the bonus lecture
  • DON’T refer to the bonus lecture when using any of our communication tools. It’s considered a marketing tool and will be treated the same as coupon codes, promotional announcements, etc

When an instructor is clearly going against the spirit of Udemy policies in an attempt to game the system or if we see a severe negative impact on the student experience (high unsubscribe rates or refund rates) it’ll be considered a violation of our policies.

Escalation Policy: Learn what happens when there is a violation of our policies.