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Course Landing Page

The Course Landing Page includes the title,  subtitle, course summary, instructor bio, and course goals. This is where instructors provide information to help potential students decide whether the course is right for them. Learn how to build a great Course Landing Page.

Don’t engage in misleading marketing messages. If a student has a bad learning experience because of a bad fit with the course, it can result in bad reviews and low engagement. Don’t include coupon codes or external links (except in the designated links field of the instructor bio).

Instructor – Detailed Guidelines:

  • Your course landing page should follow our Quality Standards
  • You should list any external course requirements and state if payment or off-site sign-up is required (e.g. computer software or art materials)
  • You may use your course summary to mention if you offer a discount on external items or resources, but only if they are required for the course
  • You may NOT engage in misleading marketing messages
  • You may NOT include coupon codes or references to coupon codes
  • You may NOT include external links (they’re blocked on the course landing page, except in the designated links field of the Instructor Bio)

Referring to your other Udemy courses is allowed only when it helps you be more transparent to students. For example, if you have a large course A, and a smaller course B that covers a portion of what you cover in A, then it’s good to let students know this in the Course Landing Page or Promo Video. Don’t use this as an opportunity to sell your other course, but to let students know so they can make an informed decision.

When an instructor is clearly going against the spirit of Udemy policies in an attempt to game the system or if we see a severe negative impact on the student experience (high unsubscribe rates or refund rates) it’ll be considered a violation of our policies.

Escalation Policy:  Learn what happens when there is a violation of our policies.