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Udemy Affiliates

Udemy partners with a network of thousands of affiliates and publishers to get your courses in front of a larger and more diverse audience. Affiliates bring new users to Udemy and reactivate existing users to discover new content and purchase more courses.


Our affiliate partners promote your courses to their audiences via their webpages, email newsletters, articles, social media posts, and more. We reward these efforts using a commission structure that is competitive with industry standards and incentivizes them to drive more new students to Udemy. This helps us attract great partners who generate traffic and sales for your courses. Affiliates also keep Udemy visible and competitive among the many options in online education.


Sales Attribution and Revenue Sharing with Affiliates

As an instructor, you receive 25% of the net amount on all affiliate sales per Udemy’s Pricing and Promotions Policy. A sale is attributed to an affiliate only if the student recently clicked a Udemy-specific affiliate link or button. In the absence of such a click, the affiliate will not receive credit for sales that follow.  

You can click “View Details” below the purchase price for a detailed breakdown of any sale in the Revenue Report.

About 3% of affiliate sales use an instructor coupon. If you see a sale in your Revenue Report that uses your coupon but is attributed to affiliates, this means an affiliate has helped drive that student to Udemy and/or your course in one of two ways:

  • A coupon code you created was picked up by an affiliate site within Udemy’s network, and the affiliate promoted your course and coupon to their audience.
  • Before discovering your coupon, the student was brought to Udemy by an affiliate within the last 7 days.

If you want to minimize the chances that affiliates promote your coupon codes, use best practices when generating coupons for your course: set redemption limits and an expiration date for each code you create.


Benefits of the Affiliate Program

Vast Network: Our global network spans over 19,000 affiliate partners. That’s 19,000+ sites that drive tens of thousands of new students to your Udemy courses every month.

Vetting Process: Our affiliate partners go through a strict screening process. When deciding whether to accept an affiliate into our network, we consider the volume and quality of their traffic and their alignment with Udemy’s brand. If an affiliate violates our terms and conditions or attempts to game the system to their benefit, they will be removed from the network.

Steady Improvements: We’re always striving to improve our affiliate program to better promote your courses. This includes adding more influential partners to our program, expanding our network internationally to reach students all over the world, and making sure our commission and bonus structures are encouraging the right behaviors from our affiliate partners.

If you’re interested in promoting other Udemy courses as an affiliate partner, click here to learn more.