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Udemy Community Year in Review

A lot happened on Udemy in 2015! We asked instructors from the community to reflect back on the past year – to celebrate their successes, recognize their inspirations, and learn from their setbacks. These are their stories.


“Udemy has been a great motivation and inspiration for me to teach online with more passion and dedication. It also taught me how to create professional courses and how to teach students in real environment. I’ve done my part on Udemy, and now it’s your turn to get what you deserve!” –Abdul Wali

“The best advice I received: ‘Do what’s best for your students.’ Sometimes in the mix of trying to answer questions, figuring out sales, and planning future courses, I forget that the whole purpose of Udemy is to teach someone something they want to learn. Every time someone buys your class, that’s a real person. They just gave you some of their money so that you can teach them something they want to learn. DON’T LET EM DOWN!” –Nick Walter

“My journey here started less than 6 months ago. It didn’t even cross my mind at the beginning of this year that I would start teaching online and create online courses. It’s amazing the way 4949508_4956_2you can connect and share your knowledge with so many people from all around the world. I truly believe now that online teaching can be one of the best business models for passionate and experienced people to pursue their dreams, create a lifestyle and share their knowledge with the world. I think that a great journey lays ahead of us and I am looking forward to a formidable 2016! Thank you all for being here and part of this adventure.” –Sorin Constantin

“It was wonderful year. The most important thing I learned is to consider the course as an educational product and work accordingly.” –Suresh Srivastava

“I did just want to say a huge thank you to everyone in the Udemy Studio – I suppose a lot of you wouldn’t realise how much you help people like me who are just getting started! Through reading so many of your posts you’ve really guided me how to make a better course!” –Robert Hills

“Oh hey, I almost ‘blinked and missed’ passing the 10,000 enrolled students milestone. It’s mind-boggling if you think about it. No, doesn’t fill an American football stadium yet. But it’s a solid Canadian Football League (CFL) turnout. Much thanks to everyone at Udemy and my fellow instructors here in the Studio, for both changing my life and helping me help so many other people. Impossible for me to name everyone who’s helped me, influenced me, or supported me along the way. But let’s all continue helping each other, OK?” –Scott Duffy

“One of my greatest achievement in 2015 was to have come across Udemy, to have the opportunity to share my passion in propagating the value and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to all in the world. I really enjoy working with the professional team of virtual colleagues in Udemy and I would like to thanks them for their prompt support.” –Clement Ng16357308_611e

“I started as a student and immediately felt drawn to start teaching. My first course is almost ready. The way Udemy came into my life…like winning the lottery for me. I had no idea platforms like this even existed. It seems sent from above at the perfect time for my online business to take off and create the passive income I need to take everything to the next level.”Katie Mclaughlin

“I’m thankful for so many people here. There are so many courses I took that I loved and that really helped me. Some because they were well done and I was studying what the teacher did well. And some because I was learning something that I needed to be successful on Udemy. I have been helped by these people, either through their course or by comments they’ve made in the Facebook communities or by meeting them in real life and kicking ideas around with them.” –Sally Reumann Apokedak

“I have learned that nothing beats hard work and a solid strategy. After working with and on Udemy from January 2015, I learned that I would have to be willing to put in the consistent effort needed in order to be successful! This could be said for anything in life. Udemy has encouraged me to reach out and become more open to new ideas. I am now serving over 50,000+ unique students in 30 courses!”Joe Parys

“Started in September. Just launched my 3rd course today! Has been a crazy few months. 12k+ students. Fantastic revenue. Quit my day job to do Udemy full time. Spend 2x time with my family. Tons of new friends and professionals. And now I have contracts with Microsoft and other opportunities because of my success here. And I had NONE of this in August of this year. Thanks Udemy for being the game changer I needed.” –Mark Price

“In one year’s time I was able to extend my reach beyond the physical university classroom to 15K students in 151 countries. I met wonderful co-instructors, many whom I collaborated on book, course, and other projects with. My courses got the attention of important contacts that also enabled me to start teaching online for the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica and other platforms. At the moment my home university in Rome, Italy has asked me to revamp its online offerings based on my online teaching research and experience. Oh.. and the extra money I have made has been great as well. Cheers and thanks!”Kristen Palana

“I launched my first Udemy course about a year ago, and now have 9 courses. Here are some of my “wins”: Over 70,000 students, multiple students whose lives have been changed by my 8918328_47fb_12courses and instruction, many who have posted work in the course discussion boards for review, from sketches to logos to illustrations. Some have sent me work they produced, like a printed Amazon book. I plan to launch one or two courses per month over the next year and expand my marketing efforts.” –Chad Neuman

“I have authored 3 courses, with ideas for many more! Looking into 2016 I’m going to film and publish these courses. Keep an eye out!”Ryan Lowery

“I’ve come to know many instructors as friends and in February, I brought in a few of my Kindle friends to try out the Udemy platform for their business. While many of us were testing different things out, we never looked at each other as competitors but we all came through as ‘winners’. This will be my 2016 Udemy’s vision: that we can fully use our time to share with the world our skill, doing what we love, and motivating others to catch our fire of vision!” –Rose Suen

“I started on Udemy in February but have been teaching online for several years. Suddenly I found a massive group of people all interested in working the same way I do – a big, big, big win for me! Working online from home can be isolating, and I don’t know anyone personally who can really understand how I manage to make money appear automagically by typing on my keyboard. But now I have plenty of people to ‘talk’ to and have made some lovely new friends. WIN!”Vicky Williams

“In 3 months I have passively earned the SAME money that the average Australian would earn from a FULL TIME JOB. While everyone else was doing a 9-5, I was building my business, filming more courses AND spent almost a month on holiday!! I’m now getting PAID to demonstrate my expertise to a global marketplace. Very glad I gave it a go and look forward to 2016!” –Sarah Cordiner

“2015 for me was full of ups and downs. Everything changed. A lot of stuff happened in my life this year and many things didn’t go as planned. But this year presented me with one moment that I’ll always remember for the rest of my life: DISCOVERING UDEMY. In 15 days I finished my course and launched it. To my surprise people actually liked my course. I’m still astonished by the idea that people are paying real money to watch my course. Udemy became my new obsession! Mark my words, if I can do this anyone can.”  –Ajay R Warrier

“The best part of this experience is realising I do have something valuable to offer others. When a student tells me that I inspired them to finally pick up a brush and give it a go! Well that makes me feel very happy.” –Andy Morris

“Wow, have I ever had ‘wins’ on Udemy this year! This was my first year on Udemy, starting in April. I published four courses and am working on my fifth course right now. I am approaching 30K and have been astonished and amazed by that! I have met new friends, had a half dozen interviews and learned lots of new skills. I’ve also taken as many new courses as I could at the same time. It’s been an awesome year of teaching and learning! Because I now have an income, I will be eligible for a loan for my very own home next year!!!”Teresa L Greenway

12589212_c8d7_5“I started on Udemy at the beginning of June 2015. Since then, I have launched 10 courses, made $3,000+ in profit, and have met some new friends through Udemy. 2015 was a big year in learning about online business and power of creating your own path in life, instead of being dependent on someone else.” –Jeremy Deighan

“I was able to leave my full time job and focus on teaching online courses full time because my Udemy revenue had increased so much so that I was making more money on Udemy than my full time job! Since then, I’ve promoted 5 new courses and helped 3 of my friends launch their own online courses on Udemy. My biggest win of the year was getting married to the love of my life! And actually, my Udemy earnings helped pay for our dream wedding!”Phil Ebiner

“In 2015, I went from not knowing what Udemy was, to winning the top slot in Software Engineering! Becoming an instructor has really changed my life for the better, and I never even saw it coming.” –Frank Kane

“Fell in love with the process of creating quality courses. Mics, cameras, lights, teleprompters, video styles, lots to learn and master.”Paulo Andrade

“I did something I never thought I’d do: I got a chance to teach. I don’t care about the money I earned but the happiness this work gave me.” –Gurpreet Singh Matharoo