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Udemy for You – What Udemy is doing for instructors

Revamped Community Groups: The newsletter isn’t the only part of Udemy that has got a refresh! We have revamped our Community Facebook Groups! You now have the Studio U and the Udemy Instructor Club! Studio U is the place for support for the questions you have related as you to creating your course, while the Instructor Club is where you go for all your post publishing discussions! If you haven’t already done so, join them today!

Teaching Assistants: Improved Student List: Our updated student list feature now provides you with more functionality to see where students are in your course, and how engaged they are with your content. You can find out more here, and use this feature to engage with your students in a more personalized way!

Marketplace Insights: We recognize finding the right topic to teach can be hard. Using data from the marketplace can help you identify what students are looking for. To help you through this process, we have an exciting announcement coming. Keep your eyes peeled for a new tool from Udemy that gives you the marketplace data you’re looking for!