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Udemy Marketing and Promotions

Udemy team members around the world are dedicated to getting your course to the right student. We’re constantly innovating and experimenting based on our growing knowledge of what students need and which courses are a good fit for them.

When you become an instructor with us, you have access to our marketing programs and millions of students worldwide who are ready to learn.

We use what we know about a particular student’s interests and the purchasing patterns of millions of other students to create personalized learning recommendations. We tailor every email, alert, and discount to what we know about the student and their purchasing habits, so recommendations change over time.


Choose the marketing programs that suit you

Millions of students enroll in courses every year through our sales and discounts, and both the Percentage Promotions and the Fixed Price Promotions are powerful levers to help you maximize your revenue potential on Udemy. You can participate in one or both of our programs.

Percentage promotions
Udemy will promote your course with a discount of up to 75% off of the original base price of your course. This can be an effective way to convert new students into your Udemy courses.

Fixed price promotions
Udemy will offer your course for a fixed price that is less than your base price, but no less than approximately $10 USD*. Please note, the discount may be more than 75% off, depending on the applicable list price. These promotions have the broadest reach across our students.

*In some international markets the currency conversion is under $10

Opt-in to Udemy marketing programs now

What students say

“I enjoy the fact that Udemy sends emails with updates on a person’s area of interest. I know I have bought additional courses based on that…” – Deborah

“One of your pricing incentives in an email campaign enticed me to buy from you and I haven’t looked back…Udemy rocks!” – Elliott

“I got an advertisement via Facebook and once creating an account I was hooked.” – Marie

Instructor Support: How do I opt-in to Udemy marketing and promotions?

How and where we promote your course

Our expert marketing team uses many different techniques to help millions of students find the right course at the right time:

Seasonal campaigns around the world
You may not know when summer vacation starts in Europe, or when most of Asia is celebrating a particular holiday, but we do because that’s when people want courses! We also create seasonal campaigns and sales for events like Black Friday, Diwali, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and other moments when we know people are interested in investing in learning. Students receive timely, relevant marketing campaigns in their native languages featuring courses that we think will appeal to them.

Advertising on popular sites
We reach potential students even after they’ve left Udemy. A student who viewed, wishlisted or previewed your course may be reminded to return to Udemy and purchase your course from one of the many sites we partner with including Facebook, YouTube, Google, Amazon, Groupon and more. In fact, we have a dedicated team of experts who each specialize in creating paid advertisements for every different platform.

Tapping into our deep knowledge of student interests
Students receive course recommendations at key moments during their Udemy journey including before and after they’ve bought a course. If they are totally new to Udemy, they will see new courses in topics they may be interested in, trending courses in general areas of interest or the most purchased courses during a particular time frame.

Once they start browsing, recommendations will adjust as they search specific terms, preview courses, watch promo videos, or add to their wishlist. Finally, they’ll receive recommendations based on their behavior as they watch and finish a course.

Because we analyze millions of student purchases and actions, we can create highly targeted marketing campaigns. These campaigns go out to students based on their actions with courses selected for the situation. Students might receive recommended courses in emails, on Udemy, in the Udemy app, and in other places on and off the site.

Our whole system is designed to help the right student find your course, but when they get to your course landing page it’s up to you to have the right language and evidence of enrollments and positive reviews to convince them.

What students say

“I saw an advertisement online from StackSocial (via DealNews.com) for a training bundle for Raspberry Pi and I followed the ad. Once in Udemy for the Pi course, I found many other courses related to Linux and programming that looked perfect for a beginner like myself.” – Guy

“I found out about Udemy by sheer luck while looking for a good course on Android programming and since money is very tight, I wishlisted it. Later, I received an email saying that I could have the course for $10 and I jumped at the chance!” – Cliff

“I joined Udemy a few years ago and enrolled in a couple of courses but other things got in the way and I put it to one side for a long time – but thankfully I was still receiving the email offers from Udemy and one caught my eye for a project I was thinking about – so I signed up and now I am busy learning and planning my next projects out.” – Daniel