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Udemy Spotlight: A Student’s Journey to Success

Every day you are changing the lives of Udemy students around the world.

We know it’s often hard to see the impact your online courses have on students, so we wanted to share the story of one student’s journey to success.

Meet Lloyd, a Udemy student who fulfilled his dream through online learning. Lloyd’s journey began in Toronto shortly after college graduation. He took a position at a local company and quickly realized it was not the job he desired. So, Lloyd decided to take action and pursue his marketing passion through online learning. That’s when Lloyd discovered Udemy.

He enrolled in a few courses and quickly fell in love with Udemy. He was learning and was inspired. Lloyd wrote a blog post and tweeted it to Udemy, hoping to generate some traffic to his blog. Instead, he received an email from Udemy asking if he’d be interested in an email marketing position. Lucky for us, that call turned into a visit to San Francisco, a place Lloyd had always wanted to visit. Now, Lloyd is a full-time Udemy employee helping our marketing team connect students with instructors around the world.

Lloyd was able to pursue his passion by taking courses created by Udemy instructors, just like you! Of course, not all Udemy students become Udemy employees, but many of them are finding their dream jobs at thousands of organizations, learning skills that benefit their everyday life, and improving their lives through learning.

We want to thank you for helping us fulfill our mission of improving lives through learning.

Udemy ♥ Instructors