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Udemy’s Got Talent: Promo Video

If you completed the first four tasks, you’re now in the best position possible for recording a super compelling, engaging, and high quality promotional video!



The more times you rehearse, the more comfortable you’ll feel. While scripting is great, you don’t actually want to sound scripted to your students. Multiple rehearsals can help you sound natural and enthusiastic. Try rehearsing in front of the mirror, or if you can, with a friend! This video also has a few fun tips for getting comfortable on camera.


The big day has arrived! Turn on the camera and mic and do your thing. Don’t be afraid to make multiple recordings if you don’t like the first one (or even the second). The following recording tips will make the next step, editing, much easier:

  • Start each recording with at least 5 seconds of silence before you begin to speak. This allows your editing software to build a “noise profile” – if you have any background hums or hisses, it can identify them and strip them out.
  • If you make a mistake in the middle, keep the camera/mic running but pause for a few seconds and then start over from where the mistake occurred. You can edit out the mistake later rather than starting the whole lecture anew.
  • Don’t be afraid to pause between key points, or even between sentences, to gather your thoughts and composure. Again, you can remove these long pauses in the editing stage.


Now it’s time to perfect your video. As noted above, you can cut out mistakes and pauses. You can also play with the contrast and volume. And finally, you can enhance your video with text annotations, animations, or graphic overlays.

Udemy’s Got Talent

Congratulations on creating a top notch promo video – we can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

  1. Upload your video to YouTube (you can choose “unlisted” if you don’t want it to be discoverable by YouTube users).
  2. Share the YouTube link in the Udemy Studio by March 21 using the hashtag #GotTalent.
    Get feedback on how you did!

If you completed all five tasks and earned the grand total of 50 points, your promo video will be entered into a popular vote. Community members will vote on their favorite promo, and the winner, as determined by the community at large, will receive a prize!