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Udemy’s Got Talent: Script

To script or not to script? That is the question:
Whether ‘tis better to suffer the uncertainty
of “ums” and “uhs”, rambles and tangents,
Or to spend precious energy and hours
crafting a perfect word-by-word narrative.

When it comes to your promotional video, we have a definitive answer for you: SCRIPT! It may be that your natural presentation style is to speak off-the-cuff and, assuming you can stay focused, that’s just fine for your instructional videos. But in your promo video, you have just 90 seconds to convince viewers to make a significant investment in their future. You need to make every word, every second, count.


What should I include in my script?

It’s not just about having a script, it’s about having a stellar script that hits all the hot points. We’ve listed these points below, but be sure to use this template to actually write out the script for your promo video.

  • Wildcard: This is your chance to frame exactly how your wildcard will be presented to potential students. See here for more information on how to create a “wildcard”!
  • Welcome & Introduction: Give a 1-sentence intro to the course then tell the student why you’re a credible instructor – what makes you the right person to teach them this topic?
  • Benefits: Describe the benefits of the course and what students will be able to do or accomplish after completing it.
  • List of Topics: Explain how the course is designed and structured, and list the major topics you’ll cover (be brief, no need to go into detail).
  • Target Student Description: Describe your target student. Who should take this course? You want students to feel this course is the right fit for them! And you also want to discourage students who aren’t well suited to the course after all.
  • Call to Action: Call the student to enroll in the course or to try out a free preview lecture for further exploration of the content.

Udemy’s Got Talent

You’ve just written a stellar script! Now be sure to earn your Udemy’s Got Talent points by doing the following:

  1. Share the link to your script in the Udemy Studio by March 11 using the hashtag #GotTalent.
  2. Get feedback on your script from the community as well as Udemy’s Instructor Team!
  3. BONUS: Don’t forget to practice your script out loud to make sure it’s not more than 90-120 seconds in length.

Now that you’ve scripted out your lecture, it’s time to create a storyboard and visualize exactly how you’ll present your narration. Move on to the next task here!