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Udemy’s Got Talent: Storyboard

Now that you’ve crafted a stellar script, it’s time to storyboard your video. While this isn’t a technique we recommend for every single lecture video, don’t forget that your promo video is special. You have just about 90 seconds to persuade any potential students to take a (significant and sometimes lengthy) learning journey with you.


Why Storyboard?

Storyboarding your promo will help you visualize exactly how you’ll present your narration. Think of it like blocking a scene in a movie or play: plotting out which characters will be where at what time and what exactly each should be doing. Then when it comes to the actual recording, you have a rock solid plan in place!

Create Your Own Storyboard

It’s best to create your storyboard alongside the script you’ve already written. Go back to your template and add in descriptions in the final column. Here are a few questions to consider as you add your descriptions:

  • What video format will this segment be? Perhaps it’s talking head, slide with a visual, or even a screen recording.
  • Dive deep into exactly what the viewer will see during this segment.
    • If the segment is talking head style, write a detailed plan for appearing on camera. Where will you stand? Will you be performing a physical demonstration?
    • If the segment is slide or screencast, write out what will appear on the screen. Is it a diagram of X? Is it a screencast of Y?
  • Note what tone you’ll use in each segment. Are you trying to convey feelings of excitement? Sincerity? Encouragement?

Udemy’s Got Talent

Great job storyboarding your script. You’ve just put yourself in the best possible position to record a successful promo in the final task. To earn those points, just be sure to:

  1. Share the link to your storyboard in the Udemy Studio by March 15 using the hashtag #GotTalent.
  2. Get feedback on your storyboard from the community as well as Udemy’s Instructor Team!

The next step is to set up your recording space. Go here if you’re ready to dive in!