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Udemy’s Got Talent: Your Wildcard

Your promo video can be crucial in persuading students they should enroll in your course. But think about how many sales videos the average individual regularly sees in today’s word. A lot! A truly successful Udemy course promo video will stand out from the crowd. How can you do this? By incorporating a unique element of creativity or surprise. In other words, you need a “wildcard”!


Why Include a “Wildcard”?

A wildcard can be something creative, something surprising, something inspirational, something memorable, and above all, something unique. This means your wildcard won’t be the same as any other instructor’s, but the common element is that they should hook the student and draw them in. We’ve listed a few examples inspired by this TED Talk, but remember, it’s important your own wildcard is consistent with your course topic and environment, and is 100% original to you – this is your chance to show off your unique personality, so take advantage of it!

Wildcard Examples

Tell a Story: Telling a story or relating a personal experience is something you probably do fairly frequently, so it should come naturally! A personal story or anecdote emphasizes that you’re a human, just like your viewer. It can build empathy and understanding with your potential student, allowing your message to resonate.

Use Graphics: Sometimes it’s hard to sell your topic with words. So show don’t tell! Graphics that are visually interesting (and relevant of course) can lend a helping hand in persuading your potential student to enroll.

Employ Humor: This is actually one of the hardest hooks to pull off – but if you have a truly good and applicable joke, you can employ it here! If you’re able to get a laugh out of your potential student, you’ve just won the battle. Your student will feel both comfortable and confident, and ready to start their learning journey with you.

Ask a Question: Viewer participation is powerful! Once you pose a question to your potential student, you engage their mental participation. Even more, they’ll want to take the course to find out the answer! Remember that a few moments of silence after you ask the question can be very compelling.

Choose an Interesting Setting: One way to draw in your viewers is to film your video in a setting that naturally calls attention to itself. For example, strolling the streets of your hometown, walking in the park, exploring a public library. Whatever it is, it should be relevant to your course topic. You’ll also need to consider whether you have the necessary filming equipment for this type of scene.

Offer a Provocative Statement: A statement that’s controversial or even not readily understandable can pique your potential student’s interest. Statements such as these also have the power to elicit strong emotion, and that’s certainly an effective method for getting someone’s attention.

Add an Element of Shock or Surprise: Sometimes shocking or surprising your viewer is about making them feel uncomfortable. Odd but true! If using this element, be sure your phrasing and message is appropriate for your target audience.

Your Turn – Pick Your Wildcard!

Whatever wildcard you choose – whether it’s an example from the above list or one of your own invention – it should jive with the topic you’re teaching and your target audience. Viewers of your promo video will be the final judge, so try to anticipate how they’ll react. And then be thoughtful about your choice!

Udemy’s Got Talent

Do you have your wildcard in mind? If so, you’ve just completed the first task of Udemy’s Got Talent! Here’s how to make sure you earn points for your efforts:

  1. Write a 2-3 sentences description of your wildcard. If you’re telling a story, summarize it for us. If you’re using a question or a provocative statement, write it out word-for-word. If you’ll tell a joke, script it out.
  2. Post your description in the Udemy Studio by March 9 using the hashtag #GotTalent.
  3. Get feedback on your wildcard from the community as well as Udemy’s Instructor Team!

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