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Become a Bestseller

As a Udemy instructor, you have the opportunity to take your online course strategy into your own hands and become a Udemy Bestseller. We’ve interviewed many of our top performing Udemy instructors to find out how they did it.

The road to becoming a Bestseller starts with publishing relevant, in-demand course content. When you publish courses that existing Udemy students or your existing audience care about, then it makes marketing your course easier to plan because it’s a product your audience already wants—it’s just a matter of getting it in front of them.

Grow Your Traffic
Engage with potential students outside of Udemy. You can do this through Quick Win or Slow Build techniques. Find information on how to grow your traffic by leveraging YouTube, webinars, ebooks, speaking opportunities, and more in the Guide to Growing Your Traffic.

Convert Your Traffic into Students
After you’ve grown your interactions with potential students, set up your sales funnel so every person you interact with through your Quick Win and Slow Build techniques is more likely to join your course.