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Understanding Udemy’s Growth Team

The Growth Team is one of Udemy’s largest teams, and their role within the company is to find the right students to enroll into your courses. The right course changes from student to student – different students want to learn different topics, but they also value different things: some students, for instance, are motivated by projects, while other students value shorter, niche courses that dive into specific topics. The Growth Team’s job is to figure out what specific students love, and help them find the exact right course for their needs.

In this article we’ll go over the many different ways that the Growth team promotes your course, and we’ll provide some insight into their new promotional strategies under Udemy’s updated pricing structure. Let’s dive in.

Udemy’s Marketing Channels

The Growth team markets your courses in a variety of different channels. Below, we’ll go over each one.

  • Ads. Udemy runs two types of ad programs: ads that acquire new students onto the platform, and ads that retarget existing students. We use ads as a way to acquire new students onto the Udemy platform by targeting profiles of different users who appear likely to want to learn online. We show retargeting ads to students who have viewed your course (watching the promo video, or wishlisting it, e.g.) but have not yet purchased it. Retargeting ads are a great way of reminding students that your course is out there waiting for them!
  • Affiliates. Udemy’s Affiliate team builds partnerships with third parties to sell your courses. Affiliates can range from individual sellers to large organizations. Recently, our Affiliate team has shifted strategies to focus on affiliate partnerships with large media sites that have audiences accustomed to purchasing online products. Two examples include Business Insider and Gawker Media. We’re continuing to invest in the Affiliate channel as a way of bringing new students onto the platform and are excited about the future of these partnerships.
  • Emails. Udemy’s email channel is one of our most robust promotional channels. We use this channel to “push” students towards new courses that are right for them, as well as to “pull” them back, encouraging them to engage with courses they’ve already purchased.

Udemy’s Marketing Strategy

Under Udemy’s updated pricing structure, our Growth team is shifting their marketing strategy. Udemy’s Senior Director of Growth, Archie, described the shift like this: “We want to make our discovery experience and our promotional channels based around the context of a course as opposed to simply the price of the course. We’re here to sell courses to students that are right for their learning goals, not just the right price.” This shift will play out in a few key ways.

  • Solving for Context and Comparability. Right now, it’s not easy for students to analyze the meta data of a given course – things like level, specific topics covered, or instructor teaching style. Additionally, it can be hard for students to compare one course to another seemingly similar course and ultimately pick the one that’s perfect for them. Our marketing strategies going forward will help students focus on the specifics that make courses different, and will highlight the benefits that students can hope to gain. This should help students differentiate courses and and better allow them pick the one that best fits their needs.
  • Investing in Creatives and Copy. Our marketing channels will focus increasingly on student outcomes and learning goals in their promotions, from ads to emails. You can see examples of this shift in email creative here:
    • A heavily price-focused email campaign: price email
    • And a learning goals-focused email campaign: goals emaik
  • Focusing on Promotions and Engagement. Engagement is important – it turns students from purchasers into evangelists. Going forward, our Growth team will focus on driving both student purchases as well as student engagement in your courses.

We’re excited to provide you with more insight into a key part of the Udemy team, and to keep you updated on our marketing strategies. If you have any questions about Udemy’s updated pricing, please email our support team at instructorsupport@udemy.com.