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Update on the New Student Course Taking Experience

We’re thrilled to announce that a growing number of students are now part of new student course taking experience in your courses.

What this means for students in your courses:

  • Updated Interface: With the new immersive video experience and downloadable resources that are easy to find, students can focus on your video content while quickly accessing supplemental information, such as Ebooks.
  • Bookmarks: Students can tag and take notes on the parts of your course that are most important to them.  This replaces the “Notes” tool, and all previous Notes will work as Bookmarks.
  • Questions: Optimized for asking and answering questions while students are taking your course, we’ve also added the ability for you (and the original poster) mark a response as the correct answer!  All previous Discussions now appear as Questions.   

Based on these improvements, you may want to make changes to the way you reference these features in your courses.  

If you have any questions, please contact us at instructorsupport@udemy.com