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Updates to Udemy’s Pricing and Promotions

In April, we updated the Pricing and Promotions Policy on Udemy. This was one of the biggest changes in the history of Udemy, and we know this change had a big impact on you: our partners in this business. Over the past 4 months, we’ve been listening intently to you and your students. We’ve heard from you that you need more flexibility in setting your prices, and we’ve heard from students that they are motivated by more varied promotions that prompt them to explore a new product like an online course.

We heard you and are taking action. Effective August 22, we’re updating our pricing model:

  • A wider range. We’ll be expanding the range for list prices on Udemy to $20 – $200.
  • Larger discounts. We’ll be increasing the discount cap for Udemy promotions to 75% off and removing the 50% off limit on instructor coupons.
  • Re-introduction of fixed price deals. By popular demand, we’ll bring back the Fixed Price Promotional program. This will allow us to run promotions on your courses at prices like $10 or $15.
  • Maintain the floor. We will continue to limit sale prices to a minimum of $10, for both instructor promotions and Udemy deals.
  • Maintain tiers. We will continue to tier course list prices on the 5s and 0s.

Please note that all of these changes will go live on August 22. The Udemy Deals Program now includes both a Percentage Promotions program and a Fixed Price program.

We have opted instructors into these programs based on your past promotional preferences. You’ll be receiving email updates from our team with more information on your specific opt-in preferences.

An evolving marketplace

To be clear with you, we will continue to evolve our pricing model as the marketplace matures. The most recent pricing model provided key insights into pricing on Udemy. We will continue to dig deeper into these learnings and student feedback to evolve our pricing in the future. We believe this will help you grow your revenues on Udemy and, as we continue to grow and learn, we will continue to refine our pricing.

Our goal in making this change is to increase stability and confidence in your Udemy revenue as we continue to deepen our partnership.

Next steps for you

Please log into your account and visit the Bulk Price Edit screen (Please note that as of 1/1/2017 this screen is no longer available). There you can change your course prices and confirm your opt-in for the Fixed Price program. Your courses will be included in our upcoming promotions unless you opt out of the program by August 22. Courses that you select new prices for will update on midnight Pacific time, August 22. For guidance on how to think through pricing your courses, please see our blog post.

Our team is on hand to answer any questions you have in the Udemy Studio this week, and we’ll also be hosting a conference call to go over this change in more detail. You can register for the conference call here.  If you receive any questions from students regarding updates to Udemy’s Pricing and Promotions, please direct them to support@udemy.com.  Thank you for your flexibility and support as we work together to build a stronger, more sustainable marketplace.