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Announcing Updates to Student Review System

Udemy’s Trust & Safety team is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive learning environment for both instructors and students. It’s up to all of us to ensure that Udemy remains a trusted learning marketplace for years to come.

Today, we’re announcing some enhancements to our student review system, a critical piece of maintaining trust in the marketplace. This blog post will go over in detail the product updates, the enhanced review filter, and some insight into Trust & Safety’s upcoming roadmap. Let’s jump right in.

Updating the Product

Since the launch of the new student review system in February, our instructor community has given us some great feedback on the product. Today, we’re releasing the first set of product enhancements to the student review system.

  • A more prominent “Ask me Later” button. The initial early review prompt is crucial for getting a holistic view of your course from all of your students, not just those who complete the course. However, we also want to make sure that if students have not yet formed an opinion of the course, they have a clear and visible option to leave a review later on in the course. According to tests our team has run, this more prominent “Ask me Later” button accomplishes just that.
  • Revised Student Prompts. While all reviews can be helpful, the most helpful reviews contain comments with thoughtful explorations of what your course is doing well at and what you could improve on. With that in mind, we’ve updated the written prompt that students see when asked to write a review. This should help increase the percentage of reviews that have written comments alongside the star rating.

Enhancing Trustworthy Reviews

Reviews are integral in helping students decide which course is right for them. Over the past 3 months, our data team has been hard at work enhancing our existing review filter. This filter is an algorithm which evaluates the student behavior behind every review, and determines whether the student’s behavior appears trustworthy. If it is unable to verify the student’s behavior, the review will not appear on the marketplace.

As our data team updates our review filter, the enhanced algorithm will be retroactively applied to existing reviews.  This will help ensure the trustworthiness of our Udemy ecosystem, while also helping students find the perfect course for their learning needs. Our data team will be continually working on this filter, and we are planning to update the filter approximately every quarter. When the filter is updated, existing reviews on the marketplace will also be reevaluated.

Review Roadmap

We’re looking forward to releasing more product enhancements to the review system over the coming months, so that we can continue to test, iterate, and deliver more ways to get you more feedback. Here’s what our team is working on now:

  • Select a reason for your review. Right now, students can write comments to accompany their star rating, but sometimes they do not. We’re currently testing designs to collect feedback from students on specific attributes of the course (things like “Accuracy of the course description” or “Clarity of the explanations”) so you can get more targeted feedback even when students don’t write a comment.
  • Testing private feedback. We’re planning tests to analyze the differences in response rate, as well as the quality of the written comments, when students are given the option to leave private feedback vs. a public review.

Thank you for your commitment to making Udemy the best place it can be, and your help in maintaining trust in our marketplace. For any questions about your own instructor reviews, please email our Trust & Safety team (policy@udemy.com). We are standing by to talk.