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Improvements to curriculum management and Q&A

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier to build and manage your courses on Udemy. Recently, we made two upgrades to the instructor toolkit designed to do just that.


1. Upvote functionality in the Q&A dashboard


You can now see learner upvotes in your Q&A dashboard, add or remove your own, and sort questions by the number of upvotes they’ve received. 


Learners upvote each other’s questions when they share the original asker’s issue, or when the question contains great insight about the course material. We hope that being able to see and sort by upvotes helps you prioritize your most important questions and better understand where your learners are getting stuck. 



2. Section movement in the curriculum editor


Historically, to move a whole section in your course curriculum, you needed to move each component of that section individually. For instructors with a lot of curriculum items in one course, this could be a very frustrating, time-intensive process.


Now, when you move a section, the lectures that are part of it will come along for the ride. Simply drag the section header to its new location – when you let go, the accompanying lectures will appear with it.



Whether it’s helping you prioritize your most common questions or making it easier to organize your course curriculum, we hope these upgrades help make it even simpler to teach on Udemy.

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