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Testing updated logic for local language Bestseller badges

As we navigate a season of holidays and promotions, we’re continuing to work to find new ways to help learners find the courses that are right for them. One way we do this today is through our badging system, which highlights courses that are new or popular, whether measured through sales trends or learner ratings. 


For most languages on Udemy, we’ve historically determined which courses received the “Bestseller” badge by identifying the course that best met the criteria within each subcategory. However, with more courses being taught in non-English languages than ever before, we’ll be testing out a new way of determining the Bestseller badge. The updated logic will consider each combination of course category and topic when determining the badge, rather than considering each subcategory.


We expect this change to increase the number of local language courses that display badges overall. Our hope is that this will help learners better identify strongly performing courses among similar ones, with a more nuanced understanding of what a “similar” course is. 


Over the next few weeks, some learners and visitors will see the new way of determining Bestseller badges, while some will continue to see the current experience. Along with feedback from instructors and learners, this test will help us understand the impact of the updated logic on the marketplace and on the learner experience. We’ll decide whether the change should be implemented permanently once we understand this. From there, we’ll update instructors and our documentation accordingly. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the Instructor Community.



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