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Weekly Roundup – April 8, 2015

The Weekly Roundup is a list of all instructor-relevant updates, announcements, and general news that has taken place in the last week. Check the Teach Hub on Wednesdays to read through the roundup!

Weekly Roundup

News & Updates


Student Satisfaction Analytics

Calling all instructors with live courses? Have you checked out your Student Satisfaction Analytics? You may be wondering what this focus on student satisfaction is all about. Happy students are hungry students, and hungry students consume more content, become powerful word-of-mouth evangelists for your courses, and go on to purchase more of those very same courses.

Student Satisfaction Analytics provides a wealth of data to help you understand how your course is performing in the marketplace, and how satisfied your students are with your course.

For the next two weeks, join us in the Udemy Studio or the How To Create a Udemy Course discussion board for Spring Cleaning – a community campaign designed to help you use Analytics to drive updates and improvements to your course.

Wondering how other instructors have done it? Take a look at these case studies from Phil Ebiner and Steve Churchill.

Always remember that your course is a living, breathing, and evolving experience. The new Analytics is all about giving you the right data to keep your course vibrant, healthy, and optimized. You can find a rundown of the new Analytics dashboard here.

Course Announcements

When thinking about the student experience on Udemy, we want to ensure it’s the best it can possibly be, and this includes preventing students from receiving too many announcements in any given month. As result, we’re closing a loophole in our policy for courses with multiple instructors: going forward you can send 2 promotional and 4 educational announcements per calendar month per course, no matter the number of instructors on the course. If you’re co-instructing a course, make sure you coordinate who will send which announcement. Also keep in mind that only instructors delivering a significant portion of the educational content should be sending course announcements.

Course Image Design Requests

We noticed that a number of courses weren’t being approved during the Review Process with the course image as the only outstanding fix required. From now on, if you’ve submitted an image request to Udemy’s design team we’ll go ahead and approve the course with a placeholder image. Once the real image is ready to go, we’ll automatically upload it to your course. The placeholder images are unique for each category but distinguishable by the border:



If you’re ever unsatisfied with your Udemy designed image, just email instructorteam@udemy.com and include few details on what you do want to see in the image.

Upcoming Lectures

Students will no longer see lectures in the course Curriculum that are “Upcoming”.  However, we still highly encourage you to continue adding to and refreshing your course content, and you can communicate this to your students in a few different ways:

  1. Mention it in your course summary (as long as you follow through!)
  2. Insert a “roadmap” text lecture that informs students what updates and additions you have planned.
  3. When you actually make those updates or additions, send an educational announcement or post on the discussion board.

One thought on “Weekly Roundup – April 8, 2015”

  1. Chad Tennant says:

    Many great ideas and changes stated in this Weekly Roundup. I’ve personally experienced great results from updating my courses both on the student engagement and revenue side of things. Couldn’t agree more that our courses are “living, breathing, and evolving experiences” for students. Instructors should consider fully updating their courses at least once a year.

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