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Weekly Roundup – February 4, 2015

The Weekly Roundup is a list of all instructor-relevant updates, announcements, and general news that has taken place in the last week. Check the Teach Hub on Wednesdays to read through the roundup!

Weekly Roundup

News & Updates


New Year’s Challenge Champions

The New Year’s Challenge was a resounding success! We had over 60 instructors publish courses as part of the Challenge, and of those, 18 earned the maximum 100 points. Who are these outstanding instructors? See the Winner’s Circle here.

The Challenge may be over, but the schedule of tasks still provides a great roadmap for creating a Udemy course. If you’re looking for some extra structure along your course creation journey, or find you focus better with deadlines, consider going through the New Year’s Challenge tasks. These exercises are designed to ensure you publish not just a good course, but a great one.


Ask Me Anything Archive

We’ve asked a variety of bestselling and innovative Udemy instructors to host one hour Q&A sessions in the Udemy Studio or Faculty Lounge. These “Ask Me Anythings” are a chance for the instructor community to get their questions answered in real time by instructors we consider to be true mentors. The archive serves as a way for those who couldn’t attend to see the key takeaways from each discussion, and hopefully find some inspiration! New content will be added regularly, so keep checking back.

Instructors in the News

Instructors from around the world have leveraged Udemy to change lives – their own and others. Some of these stories are so interesting or powerful that various media outlets have featured them!

One such instructor, freelance copywriter Len Smith, turned to Udemy when he fell ill and couldn’t make his copywriting deadlines. He realized that the income from teaching online could help him through this difficult period. Now Len teaches nine successful courses and is having so much fun he doesn’t plan on “retiring” anytime soon. See the full story on Business Insider.


From the Community


In the spirit of Udemy instructors learning from one another, we’d like to share a few tasks submitted as part of the New Year’s Challenge. These examples particularly impressed us by matching a lot of the research we’ve conducted into what students love most about Udemy courses.

  • Learning Objectives from Bradford Chase – Bradford does a great job using strong, actionable verbs to emphasize what his students will learn and accomplish. He also clearly defines his target audience and sets appropriate expectations for students enrolling in the course.
  • Structured Teaching Outline from Kristen Palana – Kristen starts out strong with a solid introduction to herself as the instructor and experience in the topic. Her structure is comprehensive, covering the entire fundraising process from initial idea to post-launch next steps. She chooses descriptive section and lecture titles that clearly indicate what will be covered in each lesson (and her lecture descriptions are equally fantastic). Finally, she uses a variety of lecture formats in addition to including a learning reinforcement (quiz)!
  • Script from Marc Isaacson – Marc’s tone is friendly and informal while sounding prepared and intelligent. We also love how well he communicates his passion for and expertise in the topic. He hits all the important points in the first lecture: introducing himself and his background, identifying what students will get out of the course, explaining the format of the course and how students should take it. As an added bonus, he verbalizes his commitment to support students along their learning journey via the discussion board!
  • Learning Reinforcements from Peter Dalmaris – Peter includes a variety of learning reinforcements to complement his teaching: quizzes, section summaries, and our favorite, a challenge!