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Weekly Roundup – January 6, 2015

The Weekly Roundup is a list of all instructor-relevant updates, announcements, and general news that has taken place in the last week. Check the Community News section of the Teach Hub on Wednesdays to read through the roundup!

Weekly Roundup

News & Updates


Instructor Navigation

We recently added an “Instructor” tab on the navigation bar! From the instructor dropdown you can go to your instructor dashboard (home to all your courses), revenue report, or the Community News area of the Teach Hub – all in just one click!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 3.37.38 PM

We’re moving towards separating out all instructor features so they’re available through the navigation bar or your instructor dashboard. We hope you like this first step!

Conversion Analytics

We’ve also excited to have made a few fun updates to your Conversion Analytics. You can now view a month by month comparison of your landing page visits, as well as see how many students enrolled each month versus how many were active.


You can read more details about the update here.

Taxes for 2015

If you’re a U.S. based instructor and Udemy paid you $600 or more in 2015, we need to collect your tax information. You should have received an email from taxes@udemy.com, asking you to register for a third party service (Sovos) to securely collect your tax information.

The process for international (non U.S. based) instructors is a bit different and dealt with individually, and you will not receive an email about Sovos.

If you have questions about taxes, look through the Support Center FAQ, and if you’re still unsure, you can write to tax@udemy.com.


In the Community


Outstanding Instructors of 2015

We surveyed thousands of Udemy students and pulled an entire year’s worth of data to put together this list of Outstanding Instructors of 2015.  These instructors are passionate about teaching and truly care about their students’ success. And it shows!

The truth is, we have thousands of outstanding instructors, so it’s hard selecting just a few. If there’s anyone you’d like to personally recognize, give them a shout out in the Udemy Studio!

Udemy Studio Year in Review

Last month members of the Studio reflected back on the past year and shared their “wins” of 2015. Take a look at their stories for some truly amazing inspiration!