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Weekly Roundup – July 13, 2016

The Weekly Roundup is a list of all instructor-relevant updates, announcements, and general news that has taken place in the last week. Check the Community News section of the Teach Hub on Wednesdays to read through the roundup!

Weekly Roundup

News & Updates


Marketplace Standard for Free Courses

On July 13 our new marketplace standard for free courses goes into effect. This means that free courses with a Recent Review Rating of below 4.1 will no longer appear in search and browse on the site, although those courses are still available via direct link.

It’s important to note that we are only hiding free courses for which we have a high “confidence rating” that the review score is accurate. If your free course is nearing a score of 4.1 or below, you will see an “at risk” warning in your instructor dashboard. If your free course is hidden from search because your rating dipped below 4.1, and you then receive more reviews and your rating goes back up to 4.1 or above, the course will automatically be displayed in search once again.

Why did we make this update? Free courses are a significant driver of new student sign-ups onto the site, and if they provide a poor experience, a student is much more likely to leave the site and never return. This means that the burden of providing a great user experience in the first course is very high. On top of that, word of mouth referrals are an important driver of our business. If a student only has one experience, and it’s a negative one, that not only doesn’t help our business but can actively hurt it. We chose a threshold of 4.1 after careful analysis of the distribution of review scores across the marketplace. The median review score on Udemy today (from the last 90 days) is 4.4, making 4.0 much below average.

If you have a concern regarding your individual situation, we encourage you to write to policy@udemy.com to discuss with our team.

Search Results Page A/B Testing

We’re currently running another A/B test on the search results page. Pictured here is our new search results page layout:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 3.31.25 PM


And pictured here is the test variant which allows students to expand the course card to view the curriculum directly from the search results page:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 3.30.46 PM


As always, we’ll be monitoring the results and making changes to the design as warranted.

Instructor Coupon Code Formatting

When you create an instructor coupon code for your course, you should trust that students can use the link or the code to enroll in your course without any issues. We saw some intermittent problems when coupon codes were created using special characters or spaces, so we’ve updated the character requirements for instructor coupon codes. Going forward, your coupon code must be between 6 and 20 characters, and contain only CAPITAL letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), periods (“.”), dashes (“-“) and underscores (“_”). You will see these instructions on the coupon creation screen as well!

In the Community: Udemy LIVE


Our first ever instructor summit, Udemy LIVE, took place from June 24-26. We had an absolutely amazing time and the feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. We just knew that getting instructors from around the globe in a room together would yield inspiring results – what a weekend! For those of you who weren’t able to attend, we’re still in the process of getting the conference recordings and materials online. Thanks for your patience as we sort that out!

In the meantime, several instructors who attended Udemy LIVE broadcasted to the community via Facebook live video to share about their overall experience at the event as well as the specific learnings they wanted to pass on. Check out their video recordings by using the links below:

Udemy Studio

Faculty Lounge