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Weekly Roundup – July 15, 2015

The Weekly Roundup is a list of all instructor-relevant updates, announcements, and general news that has taken place in the last week. Check the Community News section of the Teach Hub on Wednesdays to read through the roundup!

Weekly Roundup

News & Updates


Best Practices for Announcements

We’ve recently published new articles on educational announcements and promotional announcements. In each, we go over best practices for drafting and sending the announcement. We also give a few ideas (based on real instructor examples) for how you can utilize educational announcements to activate and engage with students and promotional announcements to drive course sales.

Ask Me Anything Archive

Over the past year, we’ve asked a variety of successful Udemy instructors to host Q&A sessions in the Udemy Studio or Faculty Lounge. These “Ask Me Anythings” are a chance for the community to get their questions answered in real time by instructors we consider to be great mentors. We’ve compiled key takeaways from each discussion into comprehensive articles that now live in the Ask Me Anything Archive. Take a look – we hope you’ll find some inspiration!

From the Community


For the next two weeks we’ll be giving out virtual Innovation Awards to a number of instructors on the platform, as a way of recognizing the neat, fun, and innovative approach they’re taking to teaching on Udemy. We hope these examples will also serve to help inspire you and get your creativity flowing. Check out our list of Innovation Award instructors here.

Want to get involved? Join the Innovations Award Challenge and film your own inspiring lecture videos.  Here’s how:

  1. Create two videos, each incorporating one of the identified elements in the mini challenges (see here for mini challenge information).
  2. Share you video links in the Udemy Studio by July 27. You can upload your video to YouTube and share the link, or you can upload it directly to the group. Be sure to use the hashtag #innovation when you post.
  3. Winners of the Innovations Award Challenge will be eligible to receive a coveted Udemy swag pack!