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Weekly Roundup – September 9, 2015

The Weekly Roundup is a list of all instructor-relevant updates, announcements, and general news that has taken place in the last week. Check the Community News section of the Teach Hub on Wednesdays to read through the roundup!

Weekly Roundup

News & Updates


Coding Exercises

Over the past few months we partnered with a handful of instructors in the development category to add practice coding exercises to their courses. This week we released coding exercises to all HTML, Javascript, and CSS courses! Learn more about the new tool here.

If you’re teaching a course on any of these topics (or in the process of creating a course), we highly encourage you to add coding exercises. We’ll continue to monitor how the exercises impact student engagement, and we’d love to hear your feedback as well – let us know how it’s going in the Udemy Studio or the Faculty Lounge.


Trust & Safety Program

The goal of Udemy’s Trust & Safety program, which we announced last month, is to create a level playing field where all students and instructors can learn, teach, and thrive. We revamped the policies for our marketplace, all of which can be found here. We also gave instructors a one month “grace period” to learn the rules and guidelines, and to ask questions so we could help educate the community. On September 15, the grace period ends and our T&S team will start issuing strikes when policies are violated (you can read about the escalation process here).

Our team wants to make sure you understand how to achieve success on Udemy! If you’re ever unsure about something, write to policy@udemy.com and we’ll be happy to work with you.


In the Community


Kirill Eremenko, all star Udemy instructor, will be leading an “Ask Me Anything” for the community tomorrow (September 10) at 2:00pm PDT. For one hour, Kirill will discuss how crafting a journey for your students leads to high engagement with the course and overall instructor success! He’ll take questions from the community and share his own tried and true strategies. Are you interested in joining the conversation? To receive a reminder email right before the event, sign up here.

In the meantime, you can post your questions for Kirill on this thread in the Studio. We’ll compile these questions and make sure they’re covered during the Ask Me Anything. Questions should relate to our theme: creating engaging content and interacting with students. If you can’t attend the event itself, this is a great way to get involved!

You can learn more about Kirill here.

If you’re not a member of the Udemy Studio but would like to join, you can apply here