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What is Udemy for Business?

Udemy for Business gives companies and professional teams access to a carefully curated collection of Udemy courses that make learning for work more engaging and effective. We sat down with Erin, Manager of Content Strategy, from our Udemy for Business team to learn more about Udemy for Business and about why it’s such an exciting time for instructors to get involved.

What is Udemy for Business?



Interview with Erin Adams

Question: What is Udemy for Business (UFB)?

Answer: We launched Udemy for Business in 2014, Udemy for Business is Udemy’s B2B (business to business) learning solution. UFB empowers organizations to address their biggest workforce challenges by engaging employees in skills training and development using Udemy courses. Today, our customers include Lyft, Volkswagen, PayPal and T Mobile, among others, and we’re adding more every day.

Question: Why should instructors get involved with UFB?

Answer: Instructors included in UFB benefit from unique brand visibility in front of a new business audience and also benefit from additional revenue. The more our user base grows, the more opportunities there are for our UFB instructor community to grow, which could mean a big impact on your Udemy business!

Question: How can instructors get involved with UFB?

Answer: There are two big ways you can get involved in UFB today:

  • Opt In: Make sure you’re opted into the Udemy for Business Content Subscription program. We only include courses in UFB if the instructor is opted into the program, so that’s an important step.
  • Referral Program: We just launched a new referral program specifically for instructors to refer potential UFB customers. If you know someone at a company who could benefit from UFB, introduce us to someone (director level or higher) and you’ll receive 25% of their first year subscription fee–up to $20,000!

Question: How do you select which courses are included in UFB?

Answer: We use a number of criteria to determine which courses to add to our collection. First, we only select from the courses where instructors are opted into the UFB program. Next, we see a lot of value in harnessing the power of the marketplace to assist with our content curation. This means that one of the primary ways we choose courses is based on student feedback, which we measure through recent course ratings. We then select the highest rated courses for the UFB collection (preferably rated ~4.5 and above).

Question: How does the revenue share work?

Answer: Udemy for Business operates on a subscription model. There is no associated list price for courses on the UFB platform. Also, the Udemy for Business revenue share works differently than the consumer marketplace revenue share.

The payout to instructors works primarily off of a consumption algorithm. For example, if there were 100 minutes consumed throughout all the subscription courses in one month, and your courses received 10 of those minutes, you would receive 10% of the recurring revenue for that month.

Question: What if I have questions or feedback about UFB?

Answer: Feel free to reach out to ufbcontent@udemy.com. We’d love to hear from you!