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#WhyITeach: Udemy Instructors Tell Their Stories

There are many reasons why you may decide to share your knowledge and skills with the world via a Udemy course. We asked instructors from the Udemy community to share their own personal reasons and motivations. These are their stories.

“I teach not just because it is a hobby, but because I love to.” – Andrew Magdy Kamal Nassief

“I had the opportunity or luck to gain a lot of knowledge from working in major international companies like Apple and Corel. Keeping that knowledge to myself is worthless. By teaching, I am building a legacy. Every time a student uses whatever I taught him and benefits from it, it will add to my bank account of good deeds in life.” – Maged Mofreh Koshty

“It’s cool to have students who want to take your courses even though they live on the other side of the Earth!” – Chad Neuman

“I teach business skills to health professionals the old fashioned way – face to face. During the class today it was clear that one student knew a lot of my content . Conscious that he might have heard this content elsewhere I checked. “Oh no, I haven’t done this before but my manager did the class with you recently and the whole team has come on board with the ideas – we are saving time and money as a result. It works.” That’s why I teach.” – Elizabeth Wilmot

Terrence Teo

“I decided to teach in order to see the knowledge that students bring back to their lives – using a skill their job requires or a skill that could bring an additional income or even just as an interest. That’s why I decided to teach!” – Terrence Teo

“I teach to help people. There is a core satisfaction when a student understands a concept fully, to the degree that they can take care of themselves or their loved ones using that skill. I teach because knowledge and insight is among the greatest gifts one human can give to another. To impart understanding is to improve a life.” – Tony Alicea

Dave Espino

“The excitement in knowing that people all over the world are learning from my experiences and they are doing it while at work, on a train, on a plane, in a bus or at home.” – Dave Espino

“Teaching gives me opportunity to connect with the students all around the world. It feels so good when you know that your course has helped someone at their workplace or to achieve their objective.” – Muhammad Haroon

“I’m compelled to teach. I don’t really know how to stop myself. When I was growing up I wanted to be a teacher. I love the moment when things click in someone’s mind, when their eyes light up with understanding, when they have an ah-hah! moment. I also think one of the reasons I love teaching is that I love learning.” – Criss Ittermann

“I never wanted to be just a teacher but an awakener. All in all I teach to help people, learn new skills, improve others’ lives, earn an income, make new friends, and because I like teaching.” – Prateek Singh

“I learned Photography mostly through online tutorials, so now it’s time to give back.” – Ashraf Munib Jandali

Kristen Palana

“I get to help empower other ordinary people to do extraordinary things. I get to pass on what I know and watch students run with it, build on it, and expand on what I’ve taught them making something even bigger and better.” – Kristen Palana (Click here for an inspirational Q&A with Kristen!)

“I love sharing my knowledge and skill with passionate students all over the world.” – Rose Suen

“‘If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.’ That was the very sentiment which led me back to math education as a full time career. Teaching math had always been something that motivated me intrinsically. I didn’t have to rely on financial compensation to compel me; I just did it because it was… well, super fun! Every day is exciting, and each project helps me reach new students and further cut my teeth as both a teacher and a video editor. That’s ‪#‎WhyITeach‬.” – Huzefa Kapadia (Click here for a fun Q&A with Huzefa!)

“Everyone has different view on any problem of mathematics; I am very excited to share my own knowledge and experience. I hope that I will satisfy the students of world with my teaching style.” – Bharat Hassani

“I teach because I love the process of passing on my knowledge, often recently learned knowledge, to those who are as passionate about learning.” – Heather Harman

“I love sharing what I have learned in the past 28 years as a professional and online entrepreneur. I love mentoring people and making their journey to success easier and shorter than mine. I love coaching people to discover their hidden potential. I love guiding people past obstacles so they can reach their goals more quickly. Teaching puts a smile on my face because I love helping people learn and that is #WhyITeach.” – Louise Anne Maurice

“Why wouldn’t I teach!” – Alun Hill

Calum Brannan

“At 26 I’m full time self-employed, teaching and building AND I’ve found a love for teaching!” – Calum Brannan (Click here for an interview with Calum!)

“I teach because I want people to learn skills all over the world. Not everyone had the privilege or the money to get a college education. I want people to learn from me.” – Sergey Kasimov

“I believe teachers empower and change lives more than anyone could possibly do. My desire to inspire and empower people has drawn me into teaching. Everyone I’ve come across have said I had the making of a potential teacher….and here I am.” – Carmel Nisha Clament

“I teach… because it helps me to keep learning.” – John Harper

“One of my Udemy students turned up in real life where I live in France. She came on one of my painting holidays and recently exhibited some of her work. It’s so satisfying to be part of her creative journey.” – Nicola Blakemore

“Two of my passions in life are teaching and technology. Combining them is a dream come true. I started teaching at the age of 17, and since then it’s been a pleasure to help people achieve their goals through knowledge.” – Adolfo Olivo

Gurpreet Singh Matharoo

“I wanted to make this course because I see there are many people who want an easy way to develop games.” – Gurpreet Singh Matharoo

“I have so much fun teaching my course on sourdough baking! I especially love it when my students show me photos of their finished loaves and gush about how excited they are to be baking real sourdough. It gives me real satisfaction when I know students are happy and excited to learn.” – Teresa L Greenway

“I like figuring stuff out. I especially like learning something, finding the core principles, removing the fluff and being able to present it in a way that is easy for others to understand. I teach, because that is what I do…” – Mark Timberlake

“Growing up I was always touched by the great lessons of life, whether they came from personal experience or other people’s own experience or advice. When I was 16 I started teaching different things… I believe education is a lifelong process, and I like to be on both the giving and the receiving end of it.” – Chris Martins

“I teach because I love sharing knowledge and helping others achieve their goals. And in the process I too learn from them.” – Sunil Kumar Gupta


Why do you teach? Share your own #WhyITeach story by posting a comment in the box! 



3 thoughts on “#WhyITeach: Udemy Instructors Tell Their Stories”

  1. Malaya Biswal says:

    I feel happy, calm and contend when I hear people are amazed at something I taught. I strongly believe it’s only education in true sense that can change the world.

  2. Dennis J. Smith says:

    I teach because I love educating others and sharing my knowledge so they can succeed. By doing this I hopefully can make their lives better and the world a better place for all. I also love the freedom that I have and living the laptop lifestyle. In July I’m traveling to the Oregon Coast for the first time in my life. Udemy and technology makes this all possible. #WhyITeach

  3. Shilpan says:

    I teach at Udemy as I am passionate about QlikView development and helping others to do the same.

    I am impressed with growing community of instructors and students at Udemy and the fact that Udemy is redefining the future landscape of advanced learning.

    I look forward to develop more courses in the future.

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