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Your First 30 Day Course Promotion Plan

At Udemy, we get to see behind the scenes of instructor course creation and promotion, and we put together tactics you can use during your first 30 days of promotion.

In this article, we will go through marketing tactics for both instructors with communities and instructors without communities.

Click HERE to learn about tactics for instructors without a community.

Tactics for Instructors with Communities

Other Ideas


  • Send a 3-email sequence over the course of one week announcing the launch of your course to your email list. If you have an existing audience, email is your best bet. It is the highest converting channel in terms of sales. The key is including a Deadline for them to join (e.g. by Friday, 2/28), along with an Incentive for them to join (e.g. 50% off), and most importantly sending Reminder emails so they don’t forget and miss out (e.g. send 3 emails over a 7-day period). Instructor, Kimberly Talyor, earned almost $4,000 in 7 days using this strategy. She had a 5% conversion rate with the 9,500 emails she sent out.

>> Click HERE for email email language you can use and customize.

  • Add a link to your course in your email signature: Have you heard—I’m now accepting students into my Advanced Knitting for Comedians course! Join me here now for 40% off: http://udemy.com/yourcouponcodelink. 


  • Optimize your blog, website, and email opt-in for course enrollment.  Check out our Guide to Converting Traffic to Students for examples.
    • Create a banner above the fold that links to your Udemy course page and offer a discount of free giveaway as an incentive to join your email list. For example:Receive 40% off my new course when you subscribe.” or “Get a free Marketing 101 ebook if you subscribe!”
    • Once anyone joins your email list, set up an automated welcome email containing a blurb and coupon code link for your course.

>> Click HERE to see examples of how to optimize your website, blog, and email opt-in.


  • Hold a 3-part YouTube campaign. If you have an active and engaged YouTube audience, consider uploading a series of videos announcing the launch of your course.

>> Click HERE to see a sample 3-video campaign that you can use.


  • Hold a Facebook ad-hoc campaign.

From Instructor Tony Gaskins:

“To promote my course Become a Professional Life Coach, I posted on my Facebook page [over 24,000 Likes] asking the single moms of 2 children or more to inbox me. I gave them all a course coupon to use by Oct 25th. They all did. I also sent it to 10 friends with the same deadline. Then, I sent an email to my mailing list offering them 75% as a ONE-TIME offer and gave them until October 31st to use it. I earned over $1,500 in one day and over $7,500 in October alone from this promotion.”


  • Send out a personal email to your LinkedIn contacts about your course. 

>> Click HERE to learn how to export your LinkedIn contact information.

Other Ideas:

  • Hold a free webinar via Google Hangouts containing a preview of the course material. Provide a ton of value to webinar attendees by sharing core principles and concepts on your course subject matter. At the end of the webinar, inform attendees that they can enroll in your course for the next 24 hours for 30% off. Then, send the discount code again via email with notes from the webinar as a follow-up.
  • Hold a Scholarship Contest where your followers enter to win a free spot in your course. When people tweet about your course during a certain period of time, enter them into the running for a free seat in your course.


Tactics for Instructors without Communities

If you don’t have a large existing online following, email list, YouTube subscriber base, etc., then no worries. We put together a list of tactics you can use to launch your course.

Social Media
Other Ideas


  • Send out an email to your family and friends to 25-50 students enrolled in your course and 5-10 course reviews asap. This will help boost conversions. You can do this by reaching out to select Linkedin contacts, past colleagues, peers, followers, etc. with a discount link to access your course potentially at a discount for limited time/quantity.

>>Here’s a sample message: Hi there! I just published my Advanced Knitting for Comedians course on Udemy, and I could really use your help. My goal is to get 50 students into my course and 10 course reviews by this Friday. Will you be one of my first 50 students and leave your honest review? Here is a 75% discount code for you to enroll today: http://udemy.com/couponcodelink. I worked really hard on the class and think you’ll get something out of it. Also, feel free to pass the savings into any worthy friends and post it on social media. Thanks for your continued support!

  • Add a link to your course in your email signature: Have you heard—I’m now accepting students into my Advanced Knitting for Comedians course! Join me here now for 40% off: http://udemy.com/yourcouponcodelink.

Social Media:

  • Post a discount link to your course on all social media profile bios. This includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Meetup, Skillshare, and any bios you have as a contributor to blogs/publishers such as Mashable, Forbes, Think Traffic, etc. Danielle Leslie, Proud Creator of Advanced Knitting for Comedians. Enroll here: http://udemy.com/yourcouponcodelink… Join me in my new Advanced Knitting for Comedians course! http://udemy.com/yourcouponcodelink



  • Write a blog post announcing the launch and/or seasonal promotion of your course. Here’s a sample blog post from Ben Parr  and Erica Swallow.
  • Share your blog post across all social media profiles. Hopefully by now, you will have around 20 of your friends and family enrolled in your course to help convince others to join when they land on your sales page.
  • Guest blog on a site that reaches your target audience. First, ask a blogger if you can guest blog. Next, try to write a “wildly successful” post sharing tips related to your course. Remember to link to your course during the post and/or in your bio.

  • Post your course trailer and free lectures on YouTube. Link to the course in the first line of the YouTube video description. Make sure your video title contains keywords your audience is searching for so it shows up in Google search results. Optimize your YouTube videos for search and discovery.


  • Send out a personal email to your LinkedIn contacts about your course. 

>> Click HERE to learn how to export your LinkedIn contact information. 


  • Create a Facebook event for your course promo and invite all of your contacts.
  • Create an Eventbrite event page for your course launch or promo. This will be good for SEO and organic discovery.

Other Ideas:

  • Optimize your Udemy course landing page copy for conversions. Check out our article on how to Turn Your Udemy Course Page into a Perfect Ten to learn more.
    • Ensure that your subtitle is descriptive and compelling, and highlight benefits that your audience would find appealing.
    • If you published a paid course, make a number of lectures within the course available for free so potential students can get a feel for your teaching style and are enticed to enroll.

>> Click HERE to see if your Udemy course page int a perfect ten.