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How Optimizing YouTube Helped Felicia Ricci Earn $45,000 last year from her Udemy Courses

Felicia Ricci Optimizing YouTubeFelicia Ricci’s Belt Your Face Off course (priced at $99) and her Singing Transformation course (priced at $299 and available quarterly) have earned her roughly $45,000 in just one year. While it may seem difficult to garner this much success from your own course, Felicia’s tactics are surprisingly simple and easy to put into action as long as you are consistent.

In fact, she attributes a large portion of her sales success to her YouTube channel and we show you how you can make this happen too.

Felicia has been able to attract her YouTube viewers to a simple site where she offers a free singing training. After taking her free training which is delivered via a set of emails, she provides a compelling offer for them to join her paid Udemy course. Read on to learn how she’s optimized her YouTube channel for automatic sales every month.

Create a Branded YouTube Design

Set up your YouTube channel so that it’s uniquely your own. This can include your logo, social media icons, a link to your website, profile information, keywords, and more.


If you look at Felicia’s YouTube channel homepage, you’ll see that she placed an eye-catching image at the top that promotes her free singing training called Belting Crash Course. Within this header, you’ll also find a direct link to the Belting Crash Course website, as well as icons that link to her social media pages, which also heavily promote her free course. Plus, she has a Belting Crash Course promotional video that automatically loads when you land on her YouTube channel.

Promote a Freemium Offer

You may wonder why Felicia focuses so much on promoting her free singing training.

Basically, whenever someone enrolls into her free singing training, which she considers her freemium offer, they’re automatically entered into her mailing list. After they receive all of the free training materials via email, they’re introduced to her Udemy course and offered a discount to encourage immediate signups.

This tactic has worked so well that Felicia generates about 100 new signups to BeltingCreashCourse.com a day, which translates to about 3,000 more people on her email list each month! This resulted in more students enrolling in her Udemy course; she’s now earning $2,000-$3,000 more each month, just from her BeltingCrashCourse.com signups.

Felicia used the site Megaphone to build her Freemium Offer page. (It’s $49/month, but if it’s helping you enroll just a few additional students every month, it pays for itself and is worth the investment. The platform is built specifically for people marketing and selling online information products, so it’s easy to set up, and it’s designed to get you the highest number of email signups possible. Of all her visitors from YouTube, Felicia had 39% of them signing up on BeltingCrashCourse.com, which is insanely high!)


Insert Calls to Action

Calls to action are important on YouTube. But while you can certainly place them in your video descriptions, they’re most effective when placed within the videos themselves.

Using Felicia’s videos as an example, below are some of the many ways you can insert calls to action in your videos:

  1. In each of her videos, Felicia introduces herself and her expertise at the beginning.
  2. At the end of her videos, she promotes her free singing trainings, such as Belting Crash Course and her Free Vocal Warmups Course.
  3. She asks everyone to subscribe to her YouTube channel, click the “like” button, and comment with questions or suggestions.
  4. She uses YouTube’s “Subscribe” box, located in the upper right corner of her videos, to encourage people who are watching to subscribe to her channel.

Develop Your Own Voice

You also want to create your own voice for your videos so that there’s consistent branding and a point of view. The ultimate balance to strike is being both someone your subscribers relate to and someone they regard as an expert on a topic.

Felicia takes a lighthearted approach to her videos. She’s casual and conversational and comes across as genuine, fun, and down-to-earth. At the same time, there’s no denying that she’s a knowledgeable and talented singer.

When developing your voice and personality for YouTube, consider your audience:

  • What do you think they hope to see and learn from you?
  • What type of instructor are they looking for?
  • What questions do they need answered, and what can you help them with?

Asking these questions will help you develop the voice that will garner the most attention and subscribers. And if you’re using YouTube to promote your Udemy course properly, this will lead to increased sales and recurring revenue.

Post Optimized Videos Regularly

Felicia posts videos weekly, and she makes it a point to read and reply to comments. This is a great tactic for keeping in touch with your subscribers and staying relevant. She also notes what fans are saying in the comments and messages and looks for ideas and inspiration for new posts.


To optimize the titles of her new posts, she will search YouTube for similar content and use similar, if not better, keyword strategies. You should also use YouTube’s keyword tool to come up with optimized tags and titles. Essentially, put yourself in your viewers’ and potential students’ shoes. What are the keywords, phrases, and questions your audience searches for on Google or YouTube? Use this as a guide when you’re considering how to title and tag your videos. Your goal is to increase the chances of your audience discovering your videos through search or suggested videos.

Takeaway | 3 Steps to Take to Optimize Your YouTube Channel to Help Increase Course Sales:


  1. Always include calls to action, especially in your YouTube Channel banner and next to your Channel trailer video, directing people to your Freemium Offer. As long as you’re attracting new video views and YouTube subscribers, this will grow your email list and Udemy students month over month.
  2. Create your own Freemium Offer (using a site like Megaphone) where you can collect email addresses, give your signups a crash course on your topic, and invite them to join your Udemy course with a limited time discount. (Tip: Enter your email at BeltingCrashCourse.com or FreeVocalWarmups.com to see how Felicia does it!)
  3. Brand your YouTube channel with images, links, logos, and keywords. Create content regularly that your audience wants to see and learn from you, and do it using your own unique personality and voice.