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YouTube: Quick Win Campaign That Converts Traffic to Students

This article covers a how you can conduct a successful quick win campaign through YouTube.

THE 3-PART CAMPAIGN: Below is a sample campaign to use for a YouTube promotion. To maximize the reach and impact of this campaign, be sure to also post the same message across your other channels (email list, website blog post, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Also, in each video and in the first line of each video description, share the link to purchase your Udemy course (using your instructor coupon code). If you have a website, then you can create a special page that features your courses and have “Buy Now” buttons leading to your Udemy course page.

VIDEO 1 (post on Day 1): Announce your limited time promotion for your course, what they’ll learn in the course, how many students you taught so far, and some of the reviews/testimonials it’s received.

VIDEO 2 (post on Day 3): Think about the objections your subscribers would have to enrolling in your course now, and in your video/email, respond to those.

Sample objection #1: “Why would I pay $xx for your course when I can find all of the info for free on YouTube?”
Sample response: “My course is designed to be a comprehensive A through Z guide to… That means I’m saving you a ton of time searching around YouTube and trying to piece different information together. Secondly, I have a proven track record. I’ve accomplished…”

Sample objection #2: “Your course is too expensive.”
Sample response: “I designed my course to get you results. In my course, I teach you to book clients. When you book your first client at $500, you’ll have already paid for the course 3 times over.” or “I designed my course to get you results. In my course, I teach you how to reduce your cholesterol and lower your chance at heart disease. How much money is that worth to you? Have you been able to make the important life changes to accomplish those things on your own so far?”

Perhaps you can also share a personal story and remind them there’s only x days remaining in your campaign, so it gives them a sense of urgency to enroll.

VIDEO 3 (post on Day 5): 24 or 48-hour reminder video/email letting subscribers know they’ll receive this really great discount/bonus for just 24 or 48 more hours, and they should join if they’re interested in learning how you accomplished xyz.