A new milestone on our journey: We’re a public company

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This morning the electronic billboards in Times Square lit up with the Udemy logo as we became listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange as UDMY. It’s been quite a journey — and whether you’ve been with us for ten years, or even less than a year, we want to thank you for coming along with us and making it possible.


It’s not just because of the courses you’ve created that have changed the lives of learners around the world. It’s the feedback you’ve given us, the betas you’ve participated in, the talks at Udemy LIVE, the discussions in the instructor community, the tweets and Facebook posts — it’s made us a better Udemy and helped us get here: to a place where we can further strengthen our commitment to online learning.


And while this is a big point in that journey, it’s one built on a number of smaller steps.


In 2010, after an initial round of seed funding, Udemy was co-founded by Eren Bali, whose idea for Udemy began in his home of Malatya, Turkey. Just four years later, one million learners were on the platform. And in 2015, organizations began to learn with us as we launched Udemy Business.


In 2017, 10 million learners had turned to Udemy. Fast forward to 2020, we ranked on Fortune Magazine’s “Change the World List.” And “change” was certainly the theme for 2020. COVID-19 lockdowns made online learning not just an option, but, in our view, a necessity for many learners worldwide. So, in response, we launched our Free Resource Center.


And in between, there were the personal milestones, from instructors like Teresa Greenway, Yuto Morita, and Phil Ebiner, who were able to transform their own lives, along with the lives of their learners.


We’ve come a long way from Malatya to Times Square. And we wouldn’t be here without you. We believe the best is yet to come.


Teach on,

The Udemy Instructor Team