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  • Practice activities and assessments

    You can’t learn to swim in a library. You have to get in the water and practice. Similarly, your learners need opportunities to practice what you’re teaching them and assess their skills. Engaging your learners with opportunities to practice through activities and to evaluate their learning through assessment...

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  • The value of scripting

    Even some of the most experienced speakers can get nervous in front of a camera. To ensure a smooth and easy delivery it’s helpful to prepare talking points or a script before you record. Writing a script also helps guarantee you’ll hit all your key points and that you’ll explain your course content clearly and...

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  • Create accessible learning content

    Accessibility is the practice of making your content usable by as many people as possible. People often think that making content accessible is aimed at helping people with disabilities, but the practice of making content accessible aids everyone, including those using mobile devices, those who may have slow network...

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