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Learn best practices that have worked for thousands of other Udemy instructors. From setting up your home studio to troubleshooting audio issues, here are resources to get you started.

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  • Resolve common audio issues

    Audio is one of hardest aspects of the course to fix after you record, so be sure to spend some time to get it right from the beginning. While your videos don’t have to be produced in a professional studio, students do need to be able to hear you clearly. Here is a list of common audio issues and ways to resolve...

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  • Check your quality with Test Video

    Test Video is a free Udemy service that lets you get feedback on a sample video you submit. Feedback from Test Video helps you get your production basics right before you film your first course video, or whenever you change your set-up. In your video sample for Test Video, use the same recording equipment and...

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  • Create your first lecture

    The introductory lecture is the most important part of your course. It’ll set the right tone and expectations for your students. So it needs to be brief but impactful. Keep it within 2–4 minutes. In the video, you’ll introduce yourself, and explain why you are the best person to be teaching this course....

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  • Create your course landing page

    The course landing page (CLP) is your place on Udemy to market your course. It’s the first thing potential students see when searching for a relevant course. Information on this page will help them decide if your course is of value to them. So create a dynamic and compelling CLP that showcases why someone would want...

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  • Price your course

    You can offer your course for a price, a discounted price, or for free. This article will give you some insights into our course pricing options so you can identify the best possible pricing strategy. Free and paid courses Some instructors opt to launch their courses as free to generate a following, and then they...

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